The #1 secret to a successful small business

with Rebel Co-Founder Simon Paine

In this 60-minute webinar, we’ll show you what our successful Rebel students have in common and how you can have it too (without spending a single penny nor needing a personality transplant!!)


“I wonder if I could make a business out of this…🤔”

Ever uttered that phrase to yourself?

Perhaps you’ve said it after having a good idea down the pub or in the shower.

Perhaps you’ve said it after having a bad day at the office.

If the thought of starting a business has ever so much as crossed your mind but the idea of failing has stopped you in your tracks, watch this and then read on:

View this webinar if you're ready to find out how to make that business idea a success.

Rebel teaches you what is important: Find something you love & turn it into a business

How? Borrow or barter, start small at home and follow your dreams… Thanks to Rebel I had the confidence to build a business I love and work independently which suits me better than a nine to five job.

– Sylvia Tillman, Certified TRE® Provider & Rebel Business School Kent Alumni

Hi, we’re The Rebel School, and we’re just asking two things of you.

60 minutes of your time to explore this business ‘thing’ with you.

Your email address, so that we can send you the very resource you’ll need to get the most out of those minutes.

The resource in question is our infamous* Rebel Webinar, and it’s available on-demand when you sign up using this link, all you need to do is find 60 minutes to sit down and soak up some seriously rebellious information aimed at anyone who has ever uttered the phrase,

and then in the next thought decided “nah, it will fail because:

  • I don’t have enough money
  • Too many other people are doing it
  • I don’t know where to start
  • Or some other reason why it’s impossible.

*Okay, so the webinar isn’t ‘infamous’, but it is highly regarded not only by people all over the world who we’ve supported with their great business ideas, but also by councils and housing associations who foot the bill so that people can go on to join one of our business courses for FREE! 

Those courses are an extension of this content-packed webinar, and they teach you in a fun and focused way how to start and grow a business, how to develop the skills to make it a success, and how to do all of it without getting into any kind of debt!

kerry barton

I really wanted to use my photography skills to earn a living, but my degree course hadn’t taught me how.

I was a bit nervous about attending the course but I absolutely loved it and absorbed every bit of information I could. The Rebel team were inspirational and gave me so much useful, practical information – and I’ve never looked back.

Joanna Van Blommestein

I can honestly say it’s changed my life!

I feel so proud that I’ve made the leap into setting up my own business and I know I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t attended. Since opening my own business in 2019, I am incredibly grateful to say that I have been incredibly busy and have fitted well over 300 ladies.


The course is so good at putting across business skills in a straightforward way.

Rebel didn’t teach me how to sew but they did teach: communication skills, marketing, networking, social media and gave me all the free resources I could need without spending lots of money.

The next online course starts on Monday 22nd January and is open to anyone anywhere in Kent but we have in-person and online courses running throughout the year in locations all around the country.

Whether you want to start a conventional business like a shop, a consultancy, or a café – or something more ‘out there’ like laughing yoga sessions, puppy party planning, or selling pin badges online, our mission at Rebel is to make starting a business achievable for you, regardless of your starting point, skillset, or background.

But before you even get dressed to turn up and see if a full course is right for you, we’re inviting you to come and dive right into a content-packed session that’s designed to give you all the goods you’ll need now that you’re thinking about starting up a business (and we know you can’t stop thinking about it).

This is where you sign.

We promise not to sell your details to any third parties (or any kind of parties, for that matter). Sign up now, because at this stage, you don’t even need to have a business idea. You just need to know that what you’re doing at the moment doesn’t bring you either the joy or the income that you want and deserve.

Ready to Rebel? Watch the webinar here.