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Carlos Bulla

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When JuanChoconat, a family business hailing from Colombia, expanded to the UK, they faced an uphill battle. Despite their best efforts, they struggled to achieve the desired results. That’s when they decided to spice things up and join the Rebel Business School course recommended by the Colombian consulate. Little did they know that this decision would take their chocolate business to new heights.

JuanChoconat had two big dreams: they wanted to keep customers coming back for more, and they wanted to turn their social media followers into actual chocolate buyers. They quickly realised that running a successful business required more than just posting on Instagram and crunching numbers. They needed a fresh perspective and some solid guidance.

The Rebel Business School course, which kicked off on June 5, 2023, delivered exactly what they were looking for. The presenters were a diverse bunch, each with their own unique flavour.

Katie Coombes, the legal expert, sprinkled them with crucial knowledge about legal aspects they had never even considered. Meanwhile, Laura Poole stirred up their creativity by introducing them to the tantalising possibilities of AI for content creation. Armed with practical tips and tricks, they were ready to whip their business into shape.

But it was the three “lightbulb moments” that left a lasting impression:/p>

First, they discovered that it’s not about how frequently you post on social media, but the quality of those posts that really matters. Laura showed them how to use various tools to identify what their audience were looking for. Armed with this knowledge, JuanChoconat decided to focus on fewer, but better, mouth-watering posts to entice their followers.

Next, Katie taught them the art of persistence. Tired of chasing potential clients, they were ready to throw in the towel. But Katie showed them the power of asking the right questions and staying resilient, even when faced with rejection. Armed with this new mindset, they knew they had what it took to win over customers, one bite at a time.

The third “aha moment” in Carlos (one of it’s founders words): “The session on networking was a game-changer for us. We realised networking isn’t just about collecting business cards and snacking on canapés anymore. What we heard completely shifted our perspective. We realised that networking events are an opportunity to give rather than just receive. By focusing on building trust and valuable relationships, we discovered that a whole new world of possibilities can open up before us. It’s not about what we can gain, but what we can offer to others. And let me tell you, it’s like unlocking a treasure chest of opportunities. Networking will never be the same for us again.”

JuanChoconat takes pride in producing premium chocolate that will make your taste buds dance with delight. Their focus is on dark chocolate, ranging from 70% to 100% cacao content, but they also dabble in unique flavors like Colombian coffee, golden berries, and zesty orange and lemon infusions. With just two ingredients—cacao and unrefined sugar—their chocolate is a guilt-free indulgence that’s both healthy and organic. But there’s more to JuanChoconat than their delectable treats.

As registered responsible chocolate producers, JuanChoconat is on a mission to improve the lives of farmers affected by Colombia’s civil war. They pay these farmers a premium price, 40% above fair-trade rates, encouraging them to remain in the countryside and strengthen Colombian agriculture. Education plays a vital role in their vision, empowering farmers and communities for a better future.

Unlike other brands, JuanChoconat doesn’t cut corners. They meticulously trace the entire process of their cacao production, preserving the genetics of their unique variety. With only 2% of global cacao production, their chocolate is truly one of a kind. They proudly create high-quality chocolate without any refined sugar, cacao butter, or lecithin. The result? A pure, unadulterated chocolate experience that sets them apart from the crowd.

Thanks to their Rebel Business School experience, JuanChoconat is ready to conquer the chocolate world. With their newfound knowledge in management, accounting, sales, and networking, they have the recipe for success. By focusing on quality, persistence, and a giving mindset, they are prepared to sweeten their social media strategy, create valuable connections, and continue their journey of growth. JuanChoconat’s premium, socially responsible chocolate continues to tantalise taste buds and serve as a mouth-watering example of the transformative power of the Rebel Business School.