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Here’s a quick guide explaining how you can join our online courses

NOTE: You will need to have signed-up for an event first. 

You will not be able to follow these steps without a ticket.

Step One

Find yourself a comfy spot where you’ll have as few disruptions as possible.

Grab yourself a notepad, pen and a cup of coffee (tea or water works too!).

You are going to want to take A LOT of notes.

Step Two

If you’ve signed up, you’ll have received several emails from us.

Find the latest email (Search “”).


*If you cannot find the email, check your SPAM, JUNK and CLUTTER folders.

**If you really can’t find the email, send a message to and one of the team will help you out.

Step Three

Click the link in the email that says:


Pop your details in, press enter and this will take you to the Zoom course room.

Once you’re in, speak up, ask questions, take notes and get stuck in….

It’s how Rebels make things happen!