It’s Time to Double Your Efforts

We continue this week of poorly lit videos with Simon challenging you to more. More specifically double what you’re doing and watch how it pays off.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


It’s challenged Tuesday. We know how excited you are about challenge Tuesday. Here’s the challenge, you’re going to like this one. What we’re doing at the moment is we’re doubling our output. We’re doing so much more currently the middle we’re doing six months ago, and triple, quadruple what we were doing six months before that, and we’ve just proved it’s possible. So the challenge for Tuesday is this. Double your efforts, but send 10 tweets, sent 2727 4700 sending as many as you can. Because actually, if you look yourself in the mirror and say, Have I thrown everything in the kitchen sink at my business, am I doing as much as I could actually be doing? And I asked that question of a few people today. And the thing that came back was, there’s more, there’s always more that we could do. So if you’re not getting the results that you want, the challenge is this. Do more, do more. So we’re producing videos every single weekday, they go out about six o’clock every day. So please subscribe to our channel. We’ve got fantastic content for you. We will answer your questions. So if there’s a question that you have about starting a business, post it in the comments below this video, and we’ll create new content based on the things that you need the help that you need to get your business started and off the ground.