Is Facebook a Good Way to Drive Traffic?

Alan gives you advice for tagging people in Facebook posts and whether Facebook is a good Social Channel to Drive Traffic.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


We’ve had a question in from you. And the question is, does tagging people on Facebook increased traffic? And well, there’s a couple of parts to this question. The short answer is yes. Because if you tag someone else in Facebook, they will get notified with by on top of the screen, so they will actually see it. The second part is, they may find that annoying. So I was tagged in several photos that were something completely irrelevant to what I was doing. And then I get loads of notifications all about that particular post, which is completely irrelevant to me. So actually, that made me want to unfollow the person, rather than make me want to engage in the conversation. So you need to make sure it’s relevant and engaging if you are tagging people in photos, but it can be a good way to increase traffic. The other thought actually, is broader than that question is Facebook in general, a good way to drive traffic to your websites now. And we’ve been experimenting with this over about the last three to four months, and Facebook has become increasingly difficult to use it to draw traffic to your website. And the reason for that is that Facebook don’t want people to leave Facebook, they want you to stay on the site. So we put up two identical posts, one with a piece of text and a photo, and one with a piece of text, a photo and a link to our website, we will get far less likes and engagement and comments on the one with the link. Facebook actually actively suppresses the one with the link on its new feed. So it’s becoming a far more difficult channel to use to drive traffic to websites. And you need to get more creative in how you use it. So maybe you’re not actually getting people to leave Facebook. Maybe you’re generating traffic onto your own Facebook page, which then you convert on Facebook into sales, and figuring out ways around that will be far easier. So my top advice is you need to find out a different way to use Facebook, rather than using it to drive traffic directly to your website, because that’s coming far more difficult. My name is Alan, I’m one of the cofounders of Popup Business School. We provide videos and advice on startup and entrepreneurship. And if you click the subscribe button you’ll be kept up to date when the latest videos come out and give you the most up to date hints and tips for your business.