If You’re not Learning, You’re Dying

Alan and Henry discuss the tools that they use to keep motivated and to keep building on themselves.

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So what percentage of your time? Do you spend learning, reading, going on courses and growing?

That’s the thing and you come to our course, you’ll come to our two week or one week or five, five day three day course. And it’s so intensive, you’re fully immersed in the whole workshop and you’re growing and you’re learning new stuff. The danger is that you hit that plateau immediately at the end of the course, and you stop learning, you stop growing. So what we want to talk about is just the different ways the different things that we do, to carry on growing to keep our motivation going to keep learning new stuff. And I

started on this path many years ago, when we was very, very young, it’s disturbing. And I, I was about 20 years old. My parents were getting divorced. And I worked in the family business, which is not a good time to work in the family business. So I left. So I went see my girlfriend, and I said, should we go away to Brazil, I’ve always wanted to go travelling. She said, No, I don’t want to be with you anymore, and dumped me it was not a good time I lost my job. My family was splitting up and I’d lost my girlfriend. And so I booked myself. It wasn’t a good time. And it wasn’t a good time. So I booked myself a ticket to Brazil. And just before I left a friend, stop this book, in my hand notes from a friend by Anthony Robbins. And I sat on Copacabana Beach, surrounded by attractive Brazilian people playing football and lying around Sun lounging. And I read this book, and my eyes opened. It changed my world. It taught me things that I never knew was possible. And in that moment, it sets me on a journey that I’ve not left learning everything I can, I immediately went to find his next book, and his next book, and the next book that they pointed me to, and then LP training books, and then these books and then those books. And it set me on this course that led me to the training courses that led me to going out meeting these people. And it’s been a lifelong journey that set me on learning. And I truly believe that the more you learn, the more valuable you are to the people around you to the business you’ve started, the more valuable you are, the more you’ll be rewarded by the market in terms of earnings and money.

And because of that story, Alan through this book into my hand,

he’s got to spread the message. When I first joined

the pop up business school, I wasn’t the most energetic person I wasn’t as motivated as I possibly could have been.

Definitely not you slept in in the mornings. Yeah, you were it was a shock coming to work with 10 o’clock

was a comfortable early morning for me. But again, this book, I read it, I read it over the course of a week, took my time with it, reread it, reread it a couple of times. And again, it sort of opened my eyes a little bit. And it sort of showed me the different ways of thinking the new ways that I should be looking at things not the same old stuff. You know, I just come out of college and I didn’t really enjoy college or school. So my attitude towards learning wasn’t great. So this really changed it. I recommend it definitely. And the fact that this got a testimonial from arm sports Nagar on it. So it says it all you need it now you need it. So Anthony Robbins is brilliant, brilliant start notes for a friend is really easy read, if you’re not a fan of reading, like I wasn’t really, it’s brilliant. It’s really short, really simple. And it will just open your eyes and make you want to carry on. And if

you’re not a fan of reading, one of the other ways we learn a lot of what we talk about is podcasts. It’s incredible. You can get them on your phone, you plug in your headphones, you can listen to them whilst you’re driving whilst you’re walking. It’s using time that would otherwise be dead for other things for learning. And we’ll put the links below to the podcast we listened to but we listened to Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn has some great advice on how to build businesses online.

The Tim Ferriss podcast is also really good. They’re a little bit longer. They’re like they’re very intense. But the content that he has is absolutely spot on for your business or Social

Media Examiner which has some great advice on how to use social media to market your business. Podcasts is another fantastic way to learn. There’s been some books that we were going to talk to you about. The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss has kind of been instrumental in our thinking about business. Definitely worth a read if you get chance.

Yes, one that I’ve recently picked up and have read about three times already is the Millionaire Mind intensive. I went on this workshop as well. I went to the live version and my attitude towards wealth and success and business overall has completely changed and we’re going a completely different direction. And it’s a really, really good direction. I’m loving where I’m going. I’m loving what I’ve learned. This one is a very, very good book.

Yes, I read a book called The Four Hour Body again by Tim Ferriss. It was the tagline Got me. It was an uncommon guide to rapid fat loss, incredible sex and being superhuman. And I thought I needed that book Henry. I’m gonna go to Waterstones Hang on, I’ve achieved one out of three so far. But I bought the book. It’s a fantastic book. Another one that really did change. My thinking was seven habits of highly effective people from Stephen R. Covey, his incredible book, the more you read, the more you listen to podcasts. The more you go on courses and learn the more valuable information and the more positive mindset you’ll have, the more successful you will be. So Henry, and I wanted to do this video, to challenge you to listen to podcasts to learn, and to read. And we’d love it if you would share with us what books have had an effect on your life, what courses have had an effect on your life, and what podcast you listened to. So please put that in the comments below. We’d love to see what you’re reading and learning from as well. And I guess the last point

we want to end on is that there’s also hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos all over the internet. She’s following Gary Vaynerchuk on Facebook and Instagram. He’s just throwing content at you for free. Throwing content that is absolutely life changing. It will change your way of thinking. And as well we’re doing our daily pop ups as well. We’re throwing content out we want you guys to watch it. We want you guys to learn and grow and really be successful with your business.

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