How to Upload Images to your Website

Another Website Wednesday video, this time Henry talks through how to upload Images to your website and the Dangers of Using Google Images.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Hello, welcome to week number three Website Wednesdays Yes, I’m still wearing the same T shirt. Yes, I’m going to show you how to upload some images to your website, either your own or find some online that you can use. So we’ve got our website that we’ve been creating over the weeks hasn’t changed very much. However, I am going to show you how to add your own images. So if we scroll down a little bit, you’ll notice that I’ve changed. I didn’t want I didn’t feel comfortable selling Dante Owens because he was. And he didn’t know that we were selling him. So I’ve changed it. So we’re selling me. I feel like that’s a little bit more relevant. Anyway. So just below that, just below Oh, no, sorry. Just above this, I want to add in a section, which is a little bit about website Wednesdays. So to do that, I’m going to quickly drag in a title should just sit above I’ll drag an image as well, which I’m going to drag in to the right hand side of that title. Drag some text in below that sort of simple stuff. This is why we use Weebly because it’s so simple drag and drop done. Forget about it move on with life. This My favourite thing, what is hashtag website Wednesdays. So what I probably do is put a load of text here. This is all actual words, obviously. So we’d add some text just below that, I’ll probably do that later. Right now we want to focus on the images. So we’ve dragged the image element into the website, all we want to do is click on it, we then get given a cool choice. Cool choice, whether we want to upload a picture from our own computer, or we can search for our own. If you’ve got stuff, if you’ve got pictures of your products or pictures of you actually delivering your service, that’s preferable because that will be a lot cooler. So if I click on Upload from computer, you’ll see here that I’ve got quite a few pictures. This is my desktop very messy. So let’s upload a picture of Simon. Because why not wait for that to upload, usually, it’s quite quick, so shouldn’t be too much of an issue. And you can see just like that really quickly is put the image in, done, we can forget about it, we can always move it around if we really want to, we can adjust the size of it and all that sort of stuff. The other way that we could do it by drag another image element in and drop it below here. It’s the search function, which is quite cool if you haven’t got any of your own images. So I’ve clicked on the image thing again, comes up with the same dialogue box if you click the search button at the top, and we can search for stuff. So here we might search for giraffes. We’ll click search on that. It’s brought us up loads of pictures of giraffes, which is fantastic. However, one thing I want you to notice up here, you can see the professional photos tab is highlighted. That means they want us to buy them because obviously we only want our money. That’s okay, it’s their job. But if we click on the free photos tab, we then get a load of photos that we’re able to use for free without having to pay for it. So this one looks cool. He looks a very emotional giraffe. So let’s click on that. That’s the other way that you can find images to put on your website. So you can either upload from your own computer like we’ve done, or you can search for images and use other people’s which is cool.

A question that does pop up is can you use Google Images? Sometimes? Is it worth the risk? Probably not. What I know somebody that’s been chased for four grand for just saving an image off of Google Images. Didn’t even have a big website wasn’t making a lot of money through it at the time. straightaway, boom, no warning foreground charge for using somebody else’s image. So let’s go on to Google, say we wanted a picture of a carrot. Let’s search carrot on images. Obviously, we then get loads and loads and loads and loads of pictures of carrots. Brilliant. The only thing is we don’t know if we can use it or not. The way to do that if you go to search tools, there’s a little drop down for usage rights. If you click on that and go down to labelled for reuse, it rejects the search and it shows us all the pictures or characters that we are able to use. So we need to do is you click on that you save it and then you can upload it to your website. And it doesn’t have to be carrots, you can use anything you want. Just an example. That is how you upload images to your website. There are other things like slideshows and galleries, it’s exactly the same thing. You have to upload from your computer to do those. But you can upload a big batch of them at a time. You can leave it to do as many as you want them to do. And they’ll put them all in your website. And it looks really cool. Have a play with it. Have fun with it. Images are the most important part of your website. It’s a visual thing. Don’t just have blocks and blocks. Texts don’t just have images have a bit of both. But mainly it is the images and video We will show you how to do as well as fun with it. Put some images in, take some cool photos, upload some cool photos, send them about share it with us share it in the pop up group. If you’re in the group or just share it on Twitter, tell us what you’re doing. Let us have a look at it. See what how you go how you doing with it. Add some photos.