How to Pitch your Business

Alan gives a presentation at Servest and runs through his advice on how to pitch a business.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


So it’s eight in the morning. And we’ve just arrived at service to run a presentation skills course. And actually, why do companies run presentation skills courses? why do companies work on their communication skills. And that is because one of the key skills in business is being able to transmit the idea that is in your head to the people you’re talking to. Because it doesn’t matter how good your idea is, if you can’t communicate it, if you can’t present it, or sell it, it dies with you. So what we’re focusing on for the entire day today is how can you present your ideas in a way that engages, informs and inspires your audience to take action?

So how do you pitch your business? Every day, you’ve got people you’re meeting, you’re meeting them on Facebook, on Twitter, you’re meeting them in real life, but you’ve got to pitch your business idea? Well, there’s three key elements that you’ve got to have. The first is the confidence in what you’re doing. The confidence that when you’re pitching it, it comes across in what you’re saying. Your body language portrays confidence, your tone portrays confidence. And everything you do inspires confidence in what you’re selling. The second is the way you sell your idea. The way you communicate that to the other people, you need to tell them what they get out of buying your product, buying your service doing what you’re doing. Because selfishly, everyone who’s listening to you, when you pitch your business wants to know, how’s my life better off? By doing this? How’s my life better off by buying your product or service? When people are preparing presentations, what do you think they spend most of their time focused on? It’s all about the words, or the visuals on the slide. That’s what they spend all their time focused on. And they’ve missed out so much that they could be adding into it to make their presentation stronger. And the third thing you need is you need to cause them, you need to tell them how they can buy your product, how they can buy your service, and they should do it. The thing that people so often forget when they’re pitching their business is the clothes, the clothes is one of the critical ends. And the clothes might be something as simple as all you need to do is say yes, and we’ll take care of all the details. So clothes can be very simple, but it’s a critical part of what you’re doing. And those are the three things that you really need to make sure that you pitch your business correctly, when you’re selling yourself every day in all of the interactions.

So he spent the day to day working on presentation skills, and your ability to connect with a client when presenting to sell your idea to get your message across. And the closing message I want to sort of leave with you is that the more fun you have presenting, the more fun your audience will have listening to you. The more you enjoy presenting, the more your audience will enjoy presenting. So one of the most important things you can do is get out there and have fun delivering your message. inspire people with your sales message. Talk to your clients and communicate with them.