How to Monetize your Website

Alan gives you his top ten tips on how to make more money from your website from sponsorship deals to online stores.

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So how do you monetize your website? You might have built a site out of passion, or you might be building one for your business. But how do you make money from websites. So what I want to do today, my name is Alan Donegan. I’m from the Popup Business School, I’m going to give you 10 ways that you can monetize your website and start making money from the traffic that’s already visiting your website. Number one is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you basically sell someone else’s product on your website. And it’s very simple, companies make it as easy as possible for you to be able to sell their stuff. One of the largest affiliate marketing schemes around it’s called Amazon Associates, and you can sell anything that Amazon has on its website. On your website. There’s other places where you can go to look for affiliates who might go to ClickBank, or share a sale, eager those will help you find affiliates to be able to sell their products on your website, just make sure that it’s related to the audience that’s coming to your website, not something just completely random. And we’re going to go into affiliates more in a different video. Number two sponsorship, you can get sponsorship for your videos for your website for your YouTube channel for your podcast, it doesn’t matter what it is. One of the key fundamentals in sponsorship is you already need a website with lots of traffic or reach. So you need to be able to show to potential sponsors that your videos are getting seen by 1000s of people that your website has so many unique visitors, or whatever it is that you can show that people would sponsor your website. So number two is sponsorships. Number three is Google AdSense. You can use Google Adsense to put adverts on your website that are related to what you’re doing. And Google will give you a commission for displaying those adverts. Or for people that click through and buy something from that the fees and the return you get on Google Adsense may not be that much, you tend to need lots higher traffic to your website to make it worthwhile. But you can easily monetize for Google AdSense. Number four is selling your own ad or banner space, you will get far more of the cut if you sell advertising on your own website. So instead of going through a secondary service like Google AdWords, speak to companies directly who might want to advertise directly on your website and sell them banner space or sidebar space that they can promote their events or their products. So that is all about direct advertising and sponsorship. Number five, sell your own digital product. It’s become really quite cheap and easy to create video courses, ebooks to create audio, download load courses, or even online how to courses. whatever area you’re in, you can create a digital product that you can sell. Number six is a membership site. So it doesn’t matter what you’re in. Maybe you’re in health care, and people sign up to pay a monthly fee to your membership site that helps them lose weight or stay motivated or whatever it is. Or you have a membership site that teaches people how to build a successful podcast. It’s an incredible one I still making hundreds of 1000s of dollars. Whatever it is, how can you turn your product or service into a membership site where people will pay repeatedly to come back for the latest advice, coaching or support. Number seven is donation. Maybe there’s not something that you’re directly selling. Maybe you’re asking for donations. And there’s a really fascinating website called Patreon, P A T ar e o that allows artists and creators to get funding through donations from their audience for their products, or for their movies or for their YouTube channel for their music. It doesn’t matter what it is. But it’s a completely different model and a completely different way that artists and creative people can fund what they’re doing online. So check out and have a look at that funding model.

Number eight, set up an online store and sell stuff. You’re in business. Sell your consultancy, sell your product, sell your service and set up a PayPal account, link it up and start taking payments online. websites such as Wix, Weebly, Shopify have made it really easy to set up online stores. start selling on your website. Number nine, so really easy one, offer coaching or consultancy through your website. If you’ve got people coming to your website to look at what you’re doing, I have an offer at the bottom of each page that says if you would like support and coaching or if you would like advice or consultancy in doing this, then contact me immediately. Make sure that the advice you’re giving out always has a call to action at the bottom. And it’s really easy to sell either online consultancy, you could sell coaching online, you could sell all sorts of different things. But selling online coaching and consultancy is number eight. Number nine, one of the quickest ways to make money from your website is to offer coaching or consultancy online. So make sure on your different website pages that you always have. I run coaching or consultancy for what I’m doing. I saw a financial blogger doing this recently, where he offered coaching for people on his website, and some of his income is coming through that. So it’s a really quick and easy one to set up. And the coaching and consultancy can even be done online or over Skype. So it’s a very low cost, and quick and easy way to monetize your website. Number 10. You spend all this time building up this fantastic website with lots of traffic and all these different things. One way to make great income if you’ve already got that website going is to sell it. You might not think I could sell my website? Well, yes, you can. There’s lots of places you can do it. You’ve got one called flipper, which is the most popular one on the internet for flipping your website and selling it. You’ve got we buy websites, which is another online marketplace. Or if you’ve got a real high end website, there’s actually Fe International. And so once you’ve built up that website, and you’ve got all the traffic, why don’t you get a quote and see what it’s worth. So number 10 is selling your website. There’s 10 different ways that you can monetize your website and start making money online. All you’ve got to do is take action, and build traffic to the website. And guess what we’ve done other videos about how you can get traffic to your website, so check those out, or you can subscribe to our channel. We do daily inspirational advice and videos for entrepreneurs and startup businesses. So hit subscribe on the YouTube channel now and you’ll get updated on the latest videos. Or if you’re lucky enough to live in England, come to one of our live events and we’ll support you with your business.