How to Market Your Business Online

Alan and Simon discuss when is the best time to Launch your Website? The answer might surprise you.

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So the question we’ve had in is when during the startup process, should I launch my website? The short answer for me is, the best time to have launched your website is about five years ago. If you didn’t launch it, then then the second best time is right now. Give it out there now. Because what have you got to lose, it gets seen by a few people who start to get contact, people know what you’re doing. The worst time is later. If you leave it off for later, nothing gets done. And actually, there is no good time to launch anything, there’s no good time to launch a business, there’s no good time to launch a website, there’s no good time to do anything, you’ve just got to get on with it, and do it straight away. And you’ll make improvements as you go.

Because the website is never actually finished, you’ll never get to that point whether things perfect. And whilst you’re hovering your finger or the person that’s doing it for you, or hovering their finger over the publish button, it means that nothing’s happening, you need to press the publish button and get it published. Because what tends to happen is that you think my website is not ready for anyone to see it. I better make it better quickly. And it just gives you a different sense of urgency to

get your website out there. And iterate all the major companies do it. When Microsoft launches a new version of Microsoft Windows. It’s not perfect, there are still bugs, the customers complain, and they change, they improve. They do it. Apple does it. Google does it, they launch their Google glasses before they were even finished. They then got customers feedback, they iterate, and they improve. So the best thing you can do is get that website out there now and improve as you go, just like all companies do. Having something is better than nothing. With a website. Just having a one page website that has your idea on it and descriptions and a way to contact you is better than nothing. If you don’t have a website, you have zero chance of people contacting new people finding new people exploring your business. If you have some thing up there anything, it’ll start the conversation. And sometimes even having less is better. Because it means people have to contact you to find out more if they’re interested. So just get something up there, even if it’s a one page website. And interestingly, the styles and designs that people are going for nowadays, if you look at the projects launched on Kickstarter, or the new business pages people are doing, they tend to have only one page but split up into sections. So get something out there launch and that will lead to business.