How to Make Your Website More Effective

In todays Website Wednesday video we give you three important tips to make sure that your website stands out and works effectively so that you can sell to customers.

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Welcome back to Website Wednesdays, it’s Wednesday, again already, why other weeks going, it’s so weird. Today’s gonna be a little bit different, we’re not going to do some screen grabbing stuff, it’s just gonna be a talk you want, you just get to look at my face for the duration, which is brilliant. So, today’s video, we wanted to talk to you about the three ways to make your website more effective. First one, integrate video, there’s a great stat where at the moment, if you put a video on your homepage of your website, you’re 70% more likely to make a sale pretty good, isn’t it? So integrating video onto the website is a brilliant way of making your website more effective. The first thing that people see when they scroll down on your website, after the big nice attractive picture, if you choose to have one, first thing that she should see is a video with a little bit of text next to it saying what it is that you do. Having that video makes it so much more interesting for people to watch. And people are going to stay on your website a little bit longer. As well as that adds another thing called a backlink. And it will link back to YouTube. If you’ve embedded it from that way you can do that. And Weebly is really easy. Just scroll down the elements at the side, you can bring in a YouTube element. And you can just literally put the link in and it makes it very easy and quick to do. Number two, simplify your navigation. Or what I like to call the three click rule. If it takes more than three clicks for your customer, to get to where they can buy something and click Buy. It’s too many, and they’re gonna you’re gonna lose people doing that. So by simplifying your navigation simplifying the way that they can go through your website and find the stuff that you want them to do. So find the bit where they can buy it, the more likely they are to do it, and the more people are going to take action through your website. So by simplifying your navigation, what I mean, what we mainly mean by that is reduce the amount of pages you’ve got hide some of them, make them sub pages, if you need to do that we are making, we have already made a video about how to add pages and edit pages to your website. So to have a look at that one will show you how to hide pages, reduce content, use some whitespace have clear call to actions have a really clear path, what you want your customer to do. Number three to make your website more effective is test, adjust, repeat, you have a whole community of entrepreneurs, and your customers and other friends and family. Send them your website. Once you’ve made a first draft or after you’ve made some edits, send it to them, ask them for feedback, try and get them to do that path trying to get them to go through that journey that your customers are going to make. Get some feedback. What could you improve? What could you change, and then again, test, adjust, repeat. Keep doing this, you’ll get some brilliant, valuable feedback from people that haven’t been staring at the website for the last couple of hours. They can have a fresh mind fresh pair of eyes, and they’ll give you some really really really good ways of adjusting your website. Main thing to remember is that a good website should never be finished. A good website is constantly changing, constantly evolving, your customers are going to shift. Your website should be shifting with them. The more it changes, the more customers are going to stay interested, the more Google we’re going to like it, the higher up the search rankings you’re going to be a good website is never finished. That was Website Wednesday, this week. The three ways to make your website more effective. I hope they’ve been helpful. They are the three most important ones. They’re the three that we do as well. We do all of those three on our website, have a look on our website, see the examples that we’ve got, have a go and if there’s anything that we’ve missed out or that you need to know more of just ask us and we’ll do our best to get back to you and we’ll even develop the video a little bit more and we’ll add another one for you. Thanks for watching Website Wednesdays it’s been brilliant. I love doing these ones. This is right in my element of where I want to do. Don’t forget to subscribe. Don’t forget to go to our website, see what events are coming up near you see how we can help you further your business and get your website to where it needs to be