How to Make your Business a Reality

Stuck with your business? In this video, Alan gives you three tips to help you take the next step with your business and to help it become a reality.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


So you’ve got an idea, the light bulbs gone on, you’ve got an idea of something you want to do you want to run an event, launch a product, you want to build something, whatever it is that idea has gone on. But how do you take that idea and make it real, you make it concrete. And that I think, is the fascinating bit. And that’s the real differentiator between someone who just has ideas, the dreamer, and the person who executes and makes things. And it’s the speed with which you do. Everyone has ideas, ideas on what differentiates, it’s making it real. So here’s my top tips on making it real. Number one, go speak to people about it. A lot of people have no idea. And then they hold on to their ideas scared that someone else is going to nickel. Stop that, and go and pitch it, go and sell it, go and talk to people about it. I came up with an idea for a video game festival to engage young people and inspire them to make money doing what they love. I came up with that idea about two years ago after a conversation with a big back to work provider. And they they inspired me, then I went to talk to people that might be able to help me. And I talked to housing associations, and I talked to other people. And eventually, there was one housing association that said, it’s a brilliant idea. We’ll have back it. So step one, take your idea, and go and share it. And if you want to see what that video game festival was ended up, go to void gaming And you can check it out online. So number one, talk to people. Number two, build a website. It’s free. Go to Go to Go to Bluehost. Build a website where you tell people about your ideas. And all of a sudden, it becomes real. I was doing a conference this year. Without the website. We shouted about it. We told people about it. And all of a sudden we had signups people were coming. And we had an event. There was a website, it doesn’t cost you anything. So number one, talk to people. Number two, build a website. Number three, shout about it on social, share it everywhere. Tell your friends, tell people online tell the groups on Facebook tell the communities if you start communicating about it, it’ll find energy and it’ll become real. What you have to do is take steps to take that idea and turn it into something real that people can come to, that people can find that people can believe in. If you do that, you will launch your business.