How to Increase Your Social Media Reach

Straight from the PopUp Reading Event in The Oracle, Henry and Matt demonstrate the power that Social Media can have on your Business and how to grab your customers. Preferably not by the face..

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


What do we use social media to do? Like, where do we want our people to go? Yeah, exactly. So this is your website, this is your website, or your blog, or whatever it is that you want to do wherever you want to send people, because this could be an Etsy shop, or it could be a blog on Blogger or WordPress or something could be your website. It could be absolutely anything. But the idea is that we use social media to grab people and pull them in to our website and get them to look at what we do and give us some money. What’s your favourite phrase for that? Henry? Grabbing people by the face? Grab them by the face and make them give you money. The best one today Garki as our website, hello. How many people can he grab? If we were just putting content on our website? Have a website stuck there? You know, we said if you build it, they will they won’t come? Yeah. How many people can go Okay, grab on his own? No to maybe you might get the odd straggler if your optimization is pretty good. So if we add a social media, can I get another volunteer? Who wants to know? What’s your name? Again? Jamie. Jamie, cool. Would you like to be Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram? You’ll be Facebook cool. Can I get you to hold on to darqueze elbow? Because why not. So Jamie represents Facebook. Now what we can do with Facebook is exactly as you say, we can communicate, we can network we can promote, we can do all this sort of stuff. And you’ll notice that Jamie’s got a hand free that she can grab people with. So if somebody was to walk past, say if it was like a shop window, for example, you’ve got to grab people as they’re coming in. We’re seeing that throughout this couple this couple of weeks, we’re trying to sell stuff people aren’t coming in, we’ve got to get them in, we’ve got to grab them, literally by the face, I think you’ll get arrested. But we need to grab them and pull them in and sell them some stuff is exactly the same online. So same with our website, we need to use things like social media to get that traffic and grab them, pull them into our website and look at what we do. So Matt, if you walk past Jamie, Jamie is able to grab you and pull you in. Yes, not by the face. And you can look at the website. And that is a potential customer because they’re looking they’re interested in what it is that we do. Does that make sense? Yeah, so we use Facebook, we use social media and other tools to grab people. Can I get another volunteer to be Twitter? Cool. Do you grab tacos? Other elbow? There you go. He loves crime. So you’re brilliant. So you can you see we’ve doubled our reach now. We’ve got extra hands to grab people, we can grab twice the amount of people. Now the key thing to remember is that these different social medias because they are different, they are going to have different types of people on them. You said Metis. Again, I know social media is apparently isn’t the correct English. But Matt hates it. So I’m going to keep using it. It’s great. They’re gonna be two different very different types of customer. So what we need to make sure is that our target audience are actually using these social media channels. Is that right? Yeah, well. So what can we add to a social media channel? That’s going to grab even more attention? So say, we’ve got our Twitter account, and we’re talking to people, we’re doing stuff we’re connecting, we’re having conversations, what else can we do with a social media channel that’s going to grab attention and pull people in? Blog images, content, basically everything that is content? So can I get somebody else to be can I get two volunteers that will be content for me? So can you see we’ve now doubled the reach again, on the social media channels that we’ve got, we’ve now got. So we’ve now got four, grabbing hands, that we can use? Can you see how we’re doubling, we’re growing the network of online stuff that we have, what I would call the website, web, or whatever you want to call it, I don’t really know. Now, this is the cool bit. So this is our so this is our case, network. This is what he uses online, he might use a couple more social media channels, he might use less. Basically, it’s a focus thing, if you try and use all of them, you won’t use any of them very well. So we try to try and focus on two, maybe three different channels. So what happens if we add somebody else’s web to it? If we connect with another person, if we do a blog for somebody else, if we talk to other people, we get to share it, it doubles it again. We then get from four grabbing hands to eight, and then to 16 and then to 32. Does that make sense? But it’s all funnelling back to your website. Yeah, all of it should point back to your website. If you team up with somebody else’s blog. The end of that should point back to yours. And vice versa. You want to share the traffic, you can create a huge, huge network of things that will all funnel people to your website. Does that make sense? Cool. Awesome. Let’s take a seat. I’ve made you stand up for too long. I’m sorry.