How to Increase your Online Presence

We check in to find out how our YouTube experiment is going. We discuss what works and what we need to improve on to continue to build a subscriber base.

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We’ve got five things we’ve learned from our YouTube experiment for you that will help you to build your YouTube channel, and grow your online following. And we’ve learned quite a lot three weeks ago, we hired Jack, who’s behind the camera, say, Hello, Jack. Oh. And we started to do a YouTube experiment where we were creating daily content and daily videos for you that help you to start up your business to get going and to be more entrepreneurial. Now, since those three weeks we’ve been putting out a video, every single weekday, we have the weekends off. And what we found is, first week, we had 12 175, people view the videos, second week was slightly higher with 1320, the third week really dropped off. And we only had 500 people viewing our videos, and we got some huge learning about what you need to do to keep the numbers up, and what works and what doesn’t. We’ve also been analysing the top videos, what you’ve been watching what you haven’t been watching, the top video actually was one that we created on what you need to start up as a freelancer that got 517 of the views that we got on the channel. How to launch your business got 445 views, which was the first video we ever did. And actually, that was pinned to the top of our Facebook page for quite a while. So you would expect that to get good views. And the third was 10 ways to grow your business which got 327 views. Below that the video sort of got 200 views each. And we learned a lot about the type of content that you enjoy watching, and how we’re promoting that content. So what I want to give you right now with Henry is the top five things that will help you to grow a YouTube channel and get an online following.

So lesson one of our three week YouTube experiment is to create an schedule. Now, when we started this, we were doing them every single day. So we would spend Monday creating a video for Tuesday, then Tuesday for Wednesday, that Wednesday for Thursday. And it gets quite a lot and you get quite rushed, especially when you’re moving around as much as we are. So the main, the first lesson that we’ve got is to create and schedule get in front of it. If you can create a few videos a day, we’re doing a couple of them already today, you can do that and make it easy for yourself, it’s going to be so much easier to carry on doing and it’s gonna be a lot more successful, and you’re going to enjoy it a hell of a lot more. So to schedule our YouTube videos, YouTube actually has a scheduling tool on it. So you can upload your videos before when you have good Wi Fi when you’re definitely going to be at home or in the office. And you can get it up, you can get all the description, you can get all the tags, and you can schedule it out to a specific time of day. So all of ours go out every single day at 12

o’clock. The second thing we’ve learnt about YouTube is all about promotion and driving traffic. So getting people to view your videos takes effort and energy. And actually one of our primary ways of getting people to interact with us is Facebook. But getting people from Facebook to YouTube is really quite tough now, because Facebook has come out in competition, direct competition with YouTube in the video space. So if you directly link to your YouTube video on Facebook, they make it look a bit smaller, they make it look rubbish and they don’t actually show it to anyone in their timelines. So we found it tough to get traffic from our Facebook audience to YouTube. One of the ways that we’ve been told by someone who helps us here Andrew McDonald, he’s in the support group is to put a picture of the video in the Facebook page and then link to it above with a synopsis. That’s apparently the best way to get people across, rather than than just directly linking. The second part of the traffic is actually you need to use lots of other methods to get people to see your videos. So Twitter, LinkedIn, putting on your own blog, emailing people that you know your list, anything that you can do that will raise the profile of your videos and keep people engaged in them. And the third element of traffic is asking people to share, if you don’t ask, you don’t get my mum taught me that one. You have to ask people to share it. So on Facebook, ask people to share it with the key people they know. When you email someone and say check out this video. Ask them to share it with their audience. The more you ask, the more you get. So number two is all about getting traffic to your videos.

So the third lesson that we’ve learned is top 10 lists. How many times have you been scrolling down Facebook or scrolling through and you’ve seen the top 10 places to eat in Basingstoke or the top 10 things to do? Top 10 lists are brilliant people absolutely love list posts. So we’ve done the same but with the videos. You’ve probably seen some other ones the top 10 tips for entrepreneurs the top 10 ways to grow your business the only two ways to make money in retail Less posts are brilliant. And they’ll get you such a brilliant reach. And such a great engagement with your audience,

experiment, experiment, experiment, experiment. It’s free. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to film different types of videos, it doesn’t cost you any extra to try different types of promotion. It doesn’t cost you anything to experiment with this stuff. So try different methods, try different ways of doing it, and work out what works for you. So we are always experimenting with different types of contents, we’re measuring the impact and whether or not you enjoy it from the comments from the views and the different elements. And then from that, we get better and better and better. So this whole thing is about experimentation. And learning.

Number five, promotion is absolutely everything. There are 60 hours a second, uploaded to YouTube 60 hours worth of video every single second 60 hours, 120 hours, 180 hours. It, there’s so many the chances that your video is just going to be seen and picked out that haystack is so minimal. So promotion is absolutely everything you need to promote. You need to get in the trenches, you need to show people your videos, you need to tell them to watch it, grab them by the face and make them watch your videos. That’s how you’re going to do it. We’ve mentioned the difficulty with promoting on Facebook, it takes quite a lot to promote on Twitter, but you’ve just got to do it, you’ve got to talk to people, you’ve got to find where your customers are, find where they hang out, and give them this solve their issues. Give them your footage, give them your content, and show them that it’s worth watching. And when you show them and when the content is good enough, they’re going to keep coming back around. That’s easy.

After three weeks of the YouTube experiment, we’ve decided to keep going. We’ve enjoyed it. We’ve had fun. We’ve hired jack to come and work with us. And we’re going to keep creating these videos for you on how to start a business entrepreneurship and growing sales. And what we’ve learned from these figures is that you’re quite enjoying the videos too. So we’re going to creep keep creating the videos. We’re going to keep learning about how to use YouTube and teaching you what we learn as well. And we’re going to keep doing those videos. But what really drives us is

it’s you guys, it’s your feedback. It’s your energy, and it’s everything that you want us to do. So if you could if you could comment below, send us your thoughts, what’s good, what’s bad, what you want to hear, even ask us some questions, challenge us, give us a challenge, and we’ll try and answer it for you. And we’ll figure out how we can start your business for free.