How to Get Ahead of Your Competition

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So look, we’ve got an audience full of people who are starting small businesses that working on their websites. And they’re working hard to get them up the Google rankings to make sales and grow their business. They’ve got some limited resources, but they’re putting time and energy into it. If you had some closing thoughts for the audience, what would they be?

I would say, you know, if you are limited in what amount of resources that you have, and you want to still push for SEO, as I mentioned, SEO is a long game it you know, it can be tiring at times. But the results, if you do persist, are there. And the most successful websites tend to be the ones that have spent months and months, years and years of refining what they’re doing. As far as the activity you should be doing if you’re starting a business. Besides everything that I mentioned earlier with your Google My Businesses listings and stuff like that, and mapping your keywords. rich content is where you will get your wins. And so that’s answering the burning questions that your users that you know, your users are asking, you know, you’re in content your users, you can sort of get that information and sort of build rich content that will put you as thought leaders in your industry. What that does is it naturally increases your sort of likelihood of ranking for more longtail searches, which, as searches developing into a more voice search landscape. With a lot of you know, Alexa and Google Home, all those sort of Amazon Echo all those sorts of devices, longtail forces, sort of you to rank for more natural speech talk, as opposed to, you know, cake maker or something like that. Because, you know, you don’t ask questions like that. And Google’s developing a way to be like that themselves. So you’re getting ahead of your competition, because I know a lot of websites don’t actually do this. So I would say, you know, keep developing that rich content, not spammy content, there’s a fine line between rich content is finally content but create content your users want to see. And that will actually help them and put you as the leader is thought leader of your industry.

So we’ve been here in the Koozai offices with Luke, Lord Commander in Chief of SEO, and we’ve been talking about how you get your page up the SEO rankings. And our challenge to you is to spend half an hour a week working on the SEO of your website.