How to Find New Customers in 60 Seconds

Alan is at #PopUpCroydon and has a Challenge for you… This is #ChallengeTuesday

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It’s Challenge Tuesday and today’s challenge is to put an offer out on your website we’re here at the Popup Business School in Croydon running today’s workshop, which is how to build a website for free. And your challenge is on a free website to put an offer out to your customers. One of the things that gets people excited and motivated is a special offer. So on a simple webpage, design an offer, share it with your friends, share it out there and see what business comes back. So the offer needs to be a simple what it is you’re giving, how it benefits the customer and how much it costs. And it can be a simple, easy thing that only takes you a few seconds to get out there to your customers and it might bring you some great business. So this is Challenge Tuesday. Subscribe to the channel for daily videos and inspiration on entrepreneurship and starting up a business.