How to Create a Great Looking Website

Henry begins his new weekly series taking you step by step of how to set up a successful website for completely free. 

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


This is gonna be a new one of our new series on our YouTube channel, which is gonna be every Wednesday, I’m going to show you some cool stuff that you can do on your website, or just around the worldwide web, which will help you with your online network. So the first video, first one we’re going to do today is how to create a good looking website. My first tip, which is I do quite a lot we do at the pop up business or quite often is look at other people’s. If you’re starting a cake business, look online at some other people’s cake businesses, look at their website, see how they do it. If you’re a photographer, look at other photographers online, if you if you’re a motivational speaker, look at other speakers things, find people in your industry that are already successful. That’s the important bit as make sure they’re successful, because they’re doing something right already see what they get their customers to do, and see how they make the overall layout, because that’s the sort of thing that you’re going to want to do. They’ll help you with your inspiration. I’ve got one in front of me here. So photographer I met in Redding, her name is Alana Harmsworth. I’m sure she won’t mind me showing you her website, but the beautiful. You can see straightaway, she’s a photographer, she’s got a massive, really nice looking image straightaway in front of us. Like, game on she’s a photographer, that’s what we want to see. You can also see that it’s so simple. It’s got her logo, straight down below that get in touch. That’s what she wants us to do. That’s like the most important bit we need to know what we want our customer to do. Otherwise, what’s the point in the website? What are we trying to get them to do? What’s the point in them even coming to the website, if there’s no endgame, scroll down. Like, it works really nicely. This is all stuff you can do in Weebly. She’s the product. She’s the photographer, she’s what you buy. And she’s got a description of herself photo of herself, like that’s trust straightaway. Really nice, really simple sort of stuff goes straight down to her portfolio. All it needs is for the person to know what you do trust you most important, trust you and be able to get in contact with you or buy your service. Those are the most important things you need to do look at other people’s, you can get so many ideas. If you’re a photographer, and you’re watching this, look at her website, see how she does it. I know she gets some good business. So she’s doing something right. So have a look through and see what goes I’ll put her link to her website down in the description below. The second tip I want to give you I’ve already slightly touched base on is think about what you want your customer to do. If they come to your website, they need to know why they’re at your website. If you’ve brought them over from social media, or they’ve taken it from your business card, or you’ve told them and they’ve gone onto your website found on Google, whatever way they’ve got to your website, there needs to be a next step, because it’s not good enough for them to just go to it and go. Let’s go and then go away. So we need to know what we want the customer to do. An example of that I’ll actually use without being vain, I’ll use my own website straightaway, you know what I need you to do, which is shop now because it’s the button, it’s like the only thing on screen. Click shop now, you can see it takes them straight to the products that I sell. Like it’s so easy, so quick and so simple and so obvious of what I want them to do. So when a customer goes to my website, and I can see from the stats and all that in the backend of Weebly, I can see what page they’re going to and where they’re going from. That’s my second important step is know what you want your customer to do. So important, like you only have, I think the average is something like four seconds roughly. To make a good impression with your website, think about how you can do that for your customers. That gives my my other point is who’s your customer, my next My final point, my most important point, who’s your customer, if your website is not simple, and it’s not aimed at your customer, they’re going to leave, they’re not going to be interested because you haven’t grabbed their attention, you need to grab their attention and hold it until they go through to what it is you want them to do. Thanks for watching our first web site Wednesday, it’s been good fun, we’re going to do probably a series of about 12, or a dozen more of these gonna be a little bit shorter, this one was a little bit more in depth introduction into what we’re actually going to be doing. The next ones are going to be really short, hopefully 90 seconds, how to do this, this, this and this. So that could be really quick, really useful, really bite sized information. Another thing to add as well throughout the whole course of this series. Every Wednesday, I’m actually going to be building a weebly website with you.

I’m going to incorporate all of the stuff that I taught, I talked to you about to we’re going to add PayPal buttons, we’re going to add the images. We’re going to add the content. We’re going to build the pages, everything I’m going to teach you I’m going to build and I’m going to show you how to make a very simple, very good looking website. And we’ll create it together. You know, send some comments, tweet us, communicate with us. What you Want the website to be about how you want the website to work what you want it to do all that stuff let’s create together and let’s let’s teach you some stuff as well thanks for watching and see you next week.