How to Close the Deal

Alan and James continue our Sales & Marketing Series. This is the big one, you’ve found your customers, now how do you close the deal. We tell you how in today’s episode.

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So you’ve done your pitch, you’ve talked to your client, you’ve made the phone call, you’ve done what you needed to do. How do you close the deal? This is the money that you actually close, this

is the most important, but you can get the rest of it right. And you can get this wrong. And if you get this wrong, you don’t make any money.

We had this fantastic lady that we were working with did Reiki healing, angelic Reiki healing. And at the pop up business school, she went off, she did demos for people, she did taster sessions, she came back afterwards. And she said, I’ve done like 15 demos. I really enjoyed doing it. They really enjoyed it. But I didn’t make any sales. So I said, Well, did you ask for the sales? Did you ask for the order? You went? No. Really, if you don’t ask for the ends, like no one’s gonna buy, you have to ask. So the first tip is when you’re closing the deal, just asked for it. When would you like to book your first session? Would you like to book another session? Just asking directly for the order? Is my first tip?

No, I have a very bold story about how I did this. And you can try it if you like, or it might be a little bit come out tend to field I was with in a meeting recently with a couple clients. Were selling a pop up business school to them. And they were all really interested in buying a pop up business school course. I didn’t want to leave the meeting and follow up on an email a couple days later and say, Okay, how much are you going to put in? How much are you going to put in, that’s how

you lose a deal.

That’s how you lose a deal.

If you do the presentation, and then you leave before you’ve got it signed, agreed. That’s how you live

got time to change the mind. So I was in the meeting. And I said, You know what, I’m gonna go downstairs, I’m going to go get a coffee 1515 minutes, you guys decide yourself what you’re going to do. And I walked out the meeting them to decide, I will back in 15 minutes later, and we had to deal.

So you’ve got to, like, get that deal done, get the order done, get agreement who’s putting in what how much money how it works, the agreement got to be done there. And then the third tip we wanted to give you was about the presumptive close, which the presumptive close is the sort of either or would you like to pay by cash or credit card, you’re presuming that the person is going to buy? And you’re giving them two options. Now this is a classic one that happens so often. I was in the restaurant the other night, the waitress came over and she said would you like still or sparkling water? Actually, I wanted neither I wanted tab. But she gave me the two options. And that’s how she closed and it works really well. It works really well. So would you like to book the appointment for Tuesday or Wednesday? Would you like to buy one or two, whatever it is that you need to close and that presuming the sale, presuming the person is interested, that’s one of the best ways to get that closing agreement and get the deal done.

It also forces them to take action. Often, people are sometimes reluctant to make decisions themselves. They’re not necessarily lazy. They just want someone else to make the decisions for them. So if you make the decision for them, it makes their life a lot easier.

So would you do one thing for me? Go out there and ask people to buy your product or service. And we have an entire series of events coming up in 2018 that we’re really excited to share with you. So keep checking the Events page on the website to find out where we’re going to be in 2018. We’re going to be in America. We’ll be in New Zealand and we’ll be all across Wales, the UK, England and Scotland. It’s going to be great fun, and I look forward to meeting you at an event