How to Change your Website Theme

Henry is back for Season 3 of Website Wednesday. This week we look at how to change your theme and fonts using Weebly.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Hello, welcome back to website Wednesday, season three, this one’s going to be a super duper Uber really fast video for you. This one is how to change your theme. Now there’s a lot of people in our workshops have struggled with this a little bit. So I just want to show you how to do it, hopefully make a little bit easier. And also go through a little bit about what things you need to then look out for after you’ve done that. So I’ve done a little bit of work already. The big question I always get when we do this is will I lose all of my work? The quick answer is absolutely not. Weebly is really good at just swapping out the template. So it will give you a really nice new design board it will do is will keep all of your content in there, it will just change a couple of things, which I’ll go through now. So if we want to change the theme, you want to go up here to theme at the top. And literally just this first one here, change thing. Now I’m going to try and find one that is completely different. So you can see the the impact of it. So here is the one that we have been using up until now. I’m going to go for this yoga one, because why not. So you’ve got two options here, you can either preview it, and you can see what your website looks like with that new thing. Or you can just click Choose, which is what I tend to do to see here straight away. A fair amount has changed, the pictures are the same, the content is still there, the things that have changed is the menu at the top, you can see how different this looks. And the font, they are the main things that change. So the stuff on top I’m going to keep because that’s how it is. I’m going to change that. But you can see here that it’s changed the store font to black, which now doesn’t really stand out very nicely on top of the image. I’ve got two options, I can either change the image and just live with how the font is. Or I can just go into the settings, I can just change the font and the colour. So to do that, you go up to theme again, down to change font. Now that one that we want to edit here is actually pulled the headline. So what I would do here is just scroll down, can you see as I’m scrolling, it’s highlighting different ones, different pieces of text on the page. So that just shows you which one you’re gonna edit. So I’m going to click on headline it’s changed the font to nor it looks quite cool, whatever. So I’m just gonna change the colour to white, or dragging that CCS straight away, it just makes it a little bit nicer. That may or may not be right, you can spend so long fiddling around with fonts, all that sort of stuff, you actually lose quite a lot of time. So as you can see there, I’ve changed all that stuff. Now all I want to do is go back over the pages. Now, why we do is just double check that everything looks right. So as you can see there, the store page looked fine. But the homepage, we’ve actually lost quite a lot of the text on the image because of the colours has changed. So all I’m going to do is click on that. Sorry, no, go back in to this font area. sub headline needs to change because that’s also going to black to white. Again, it’s not perfect, but I’ve just sorted that thing out. Now the image might not be right. So I can always change the image. This is the stuff you’ve got to look out for when you change your theme because it does change some stuff. And also the button itself. Now, the button I don’t change in this font area here. I can change the font of it. But actually, what I need to do is click on it, do change the button style, and it should have a couple of different options for me. I’m going to go with that one. Again. It’s not perfect, but it stands up nicely everything in the system. That is how you change theme and Weebly I told you it’s going to be a quick one. Hopefully that was very quick for you. There’s a couple of things that you need to look out for. So if you are going to change your theme, go for it. Don’t worry about losing any of your content. However, please make sure you look over the website and just double check that things haven’t moved around. Things are going to be different fonts. So some of them might be different sizes. Just have a look at it. Double check you’re happy with it. There might be a couple of things you need to tweak. Other than that, all good. Thanks for watching. I hope this has been a really helpful quick video for you. See you next time.