How to Change your Website Email

Henry is back for Season 3 of Website Wednesday. This week we look at how to change your account email in Weebly.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Welcome back, I’m gonna have another quick one for you. This is quite an obscure one, because that means obscured quite random that we get every now and then pop up business school. And this one is how do I change the email that is on my account, you might do this for a number of reasons you might have done it because you put the email in wrong, you might have just created a new business email account whilst with us over the Google a couple weeks or whilst you’re creating a business. And you just want us to shift everything over so that it’s in one place. That’s cool. Here’s how you do it. So we’re in our fabulous cake related website, we don’t need to be in the website, we need to be in the account. So if you click this little cross up in the top corner, that will take you back to what is called your dashboard. Now, the dashboard sort of shows you loads of random stuff about your website. If you’re paying for it, it will show you how many people are looking at your website, it will show you form entries and then will generally have a few other things worth exploring this in cluster, what we need to do is you want to go up to where it says your name in the top right corner here. So obviously, that’s my name, click on that click on Account. Once you’re in account underneath your name here on the left hand side, click manage manage accounts. And it brings up this pop up box, just click on change email. And then what that lets you do is it lets you edit the email address, you’ll have to put your password in so that it knows basically it’s like a data security thing and needs to know that you’re the actual user. But putting the email address that you want to change to click Save. That will then do it. So the next time you log in, you just need to use this new email address that you’re putting in. Very simple, another really quick one for you. It’s one of those interesting ones you probably don’t need this video, but I’m hoping that this saves quite a lot of hassle for long. Keep watching these. We’re gonna be releasing these videos on a regular basis. There’s a season three website Wednesday. Now, we’re going to do a few more really useful videos for you. Some are going to be really in depth. Some of them are just going to lightly touch the surface to help you do some of those simple tasks. Keep watching see you soon. See you next time.