How to Add YouTube Videos to Your Website

Henry returns for Season 2 of Website Wednesday answering your questions and giving you tips and tutorials. Today he shows you how to embed and add YouTube Videos to your site which will help with your SEO and customer engagement.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Hello Wednesday website when they show you how to embed a video onto your website. And this could be any type of website. And I’m also going to explain a little bit about the benefits of doing so as quick as we can, we want to put a video on our website. We already have the video, let’s say the way we’re going to do that is actually by embedding a YouTube video because it’s just a hell of a lot easier. There are two ways you can embed a video on Weebly one is upload video direct to Weebly, but as a paid for upgrade only option. So if you’re paying for Weebly, you can do that benefit of doing that you cannot go higher quality and that I’m not really sure there is much. The other way to do that is to actually embed a YouTube video, I’m going to show you where that is. Now. If you scroll down on the elements on the left hand side, you will see a YouTube element. Now that is actually meant for putting a YouTube specific video. And so if we want to drag the end, I’m going to replace this image up here. So I’m gonna put it just above that image. Wait for it to drop down. I’m going to actually remove that image as well. So it shifts everything back up. So it still looks good. Now as you see, it has just put a random placeholder YouTube video in, which isn’t really what we want, we want it to be quite relevant. So if you’ve got a video, you’ll need to upload it to YouTube, which is a completely different set of things. But if you go onto YouTube, it’s a very, very clear guidelines on how to actually do that. So for example, I’m going to just put this to what is your business school? Because you know, that’s relevant to us, why not? So we’re gonna copy the URL at the top of the website, which is this bit I’ve highlighted in blue. We go back to Weebly, we click on the YouTube element. So that’s pretty much it. Now, why would you want a video on your website? I feed it and reasons. First one is that it is engaging. If people are coming to your website and spending a good amount of time on your website, I don’t mean coming onto a website and then leaving straightaway. I mean, people actually come on, have a look around and actually interact with what you’ve got. Videos are a really good way of capturing engagement, actually informing people, it gets information across so much better. Video is a really good way of ensuring trust into your customer, you can actually put yourself directly in front of them, you can speak to them, you can tell them about what it is that you do. And you can put the passion across which you can’t do over a block of text, paragraph text the title. That’s also a really, that’s a good reason to have them. And as well, a statistic for having a video is you’re 70% more likely to make a sale, having a video on your website, as opposed to not as opposed to just having images and text. So that is how you embed a video really quick, really easy. There might be a couple of other ways of doing it. Again, have a look through the weeble apps, there might be some cool stuff in there. This is the one we use. It’s so quick. It’s so easy. Done is better than perfect. If you’re not happy with how it looks. Maybe look at it later on the end of the day is that it’s done and it’s really cool. Happy days. Have a Good Wednesday evening slash afternoon. I will see you next week.