How Often Should You Update Your SEO?

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Look, how often should I be updating my SEO?

All the time? And SEO isn’t a thing that you just do the once and you’d expect it to climb the rankings? And then you’re there forever?

If you mean, I can’t do it for 10 minutes and then move on with my absolutely

not no, there’s websites that I’ve been working on for the last two years, and they’re still growing. There’s, there’s always sort of a goal that you want to reach. But as far as an end goal, SEO, if you keep a it’s, you know, you can surpass the end goal. And then you sort of continue creating those new goals for yourself, sort of going with the trend, there’s never going to be a point where you’ve been, you’ll be like, I’m done with SEO. Now I’ve I’ve sort of completed all of that, and then move on to sort of the next thing for your website. SEO is a long game, and SEO constantly evolves. So you need to evolve your website with SEO.

So if people had 10 minutes a week to work on SEO for their website, what would they do for 10 minutes.

And I, the way SEO is evolved now is a lot of it is focused on users. And so if you’ve got 10 minutes, maybe one week, just look in GA, see how your users are behaving on your website. If there’s if you’re using metrics, like your bounce rates, your average session duration is saying they’re leaving your website shut away, look into that, why are they leaving those certain pages and sort of refiners to the keywords you’re targeting on your website, and that there are technical implementations that you can have, such as site speed and stuff like that. But from a startup point of view, a lot of it will be the content that exists on the page, and the keywords you’re targeting. Obviously, as I was mentioning earlier, from a startup business perspective, and you know, local sort of business, it’s your local listing. So perhaps you spend 10 minutes one week, securing some local listings, 10 minutes the next week, refining the content on your website, 10 minutes a week after that, writing fresh content to populate your blog, or something like that. And then the following week, perhaps you promote it, you know, if it’s, if that’s how you want to divide it, and that’s the best way for a start business to go down. So something we’ve got to keep on working. Absolutely. You won’t stay and everything, you’re going to complete it because to be honest, it does change so much that it’s a constant refinement process.

The question we have for you from the audience is at the moment, which platforms rank highest is it desktop, or mobile search? And does SEO work differently on desktop versus mobile?

As far as which rank highest? It’s dependent on the device you’re searching on.