Hold Yourself Accountable

Rebel presents their new Monday Motivation series where Co-Founder Alan Donegan gives you a new motivating tip to get you through the work week. This week, Alan holds you accountable for your actions, so you don’t have to.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Welcome to the Monday Morning motivation video. The idea behind this series of videos is to give you energy to get going to make the week happen, and to make things happen so that your business grows, you make money, and you get where you want to be. Today’s concept is, well, I hate the term, the term is an accountability partner. I hate that phrasing. But basically, it’s a friend, it’s someone you know, it’s someone that will hold you accountable to what you have promised. And here’s the thing I’ve noticed about myself and other people around me is that we’ll all do more for other people, than we will for ourselves. So what you need to do is find someone else on the same journey as you to make sales, find someone else on the same journey as you to lose weight or to get stronger, or whatever it is. Or even just a friend that you know, will hold you to task if you don’t do it, and get an agreement about what you’ll do and what they’ll do and hold each other accountable. Whether that’s once a day, you send them a text saying how are you doing on your progress to make sales? What are your numbers, whether it’s once a week where you get a report back from the other person about what they’re doing, and you give them a report about what you’re doing? That accountability, that you know, on Friday, you have to report back is enough to motivate people to do things, having to tell people what you’ve been up to, are really sorry, I didn’t do anything today I just sat and watched a movie. It’s not an acceptable answer. And if you’ve got someone to report to, it’s more likely to get you to take action, rather than sit on your ass and do nothing. So what you need to do is find someone to be accountable to. And I know that the pop up business school, my business has taken leaps and bounds since Simon has started working with me, and I feel accountable to him. I don’t think there’s been a single day in the two and a half years that I’ve done nothing towards our success. And that is because I feel accountable to Simon and to Jack and to Henry and the people around me for making this a success. And it motivates me to do more. Who are you accountable to? Who do you need to report to? Do you need us to hold you accountable? Do you want to send us a message about what you want to achieve? And we’ll reply, asking if done it. But you need someone to be accountable to find an accountability partner. Find someone that will hold you to task if you don’t do what you need to do.