Grabbing Attention like James Bond

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In a busy world, where there’s so many marketing messages, so much stuff happening, you’ve got to grab people’s attention right at the beginning. So they listened to your marketing and sales message. If you don’t have attention, you don’t have anything. James Bond movies, the classic example of this, how does the James Bond movie start? Right in the middle of the action, with the Aston Martin’s racing through the mountains of Italy, the last one Spectre started in the square in Mexico City with the helicopter Chase explosions, then it cuts out to the music and the opening credits. If I did that, the other way around and put the music first with the opening credits. Would you be paying attention? Would you be reading the credits? Or would you be waiting for the movie to start? The only way they can get you to sit through the opening credits is to do the action scene up front. So they grab your attention, they get you into it, then they do the boring stuff second, so when you’re doing sales, grab people’s attention. But the most engaging, interesting thing about your product, your service, what you do, right up front, when you talk to people have a James Bond opening, to grab attention when you’re selling. And we have an entire series of events coming up in 2018 that we’re really excited to share with you. So keep checking the Events page on the website to find out where we’re going to be in 2018. We’re going to be in America. We’ll be in New Zealand and we’ll be all across Wales, the UK, England and Scotland. It’s going to be great fun, and I look forward to meeting you at an event in Suva.