Give Your Business a Spring Clean

Another challenge Tuesday from! Today, Henry challenges you to clean your business and have the best working week of your career. No Pressure then…

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It’s a little bit an interesting one, we will start letting you guys challenge us soon. But I wanted to just give you another challenge on island did last week, forget that. You’ve done that. Let’s do another one. mile challenge for you, at the Popup Business School I drive do is so much and it’s spring cleaning. Yes, it’s October. But it’s fine. Spring Cleaning is good any time of the year. Basically, get your website, get your business, get your stock room, get any part of your business, your computer, your files, clean it out, get rid of the clutter sorted out, make it easier for yourself to do stuff. If you’re editing videos, make sure your videos are categorised in folders so that you can drag stuff in and it makes it so quick maximise on your time. If you’ve got a website, delete the pages, you don’t need any more. Drag stuff around, make the page look a little bit better. Because the faster you can do stuff, the less of a challenge it becomes for you. So that’s my challenge. Clean stuff, make it simpler, and make this week the most productive week you’ve ever had in your business. We’re gonna be doing these videos every Tuesday. If you want to challenge us, send us emails, send us messages, subscribe to the YouTube. Challenge us give us some stuff that you want to hear maybe it’s the amount of different types of marketing that you can think of or the different ways you can structure your business or the ways that you could sell stuff. Challenge us. We’d love the challenge. That’s what we’re here for. Other than that, find us on Twitter, talk to us on everything and yeah, see you soon