Get Out There and Find It

Alan kickstarts your week with tips on why now is the best time to start a business. Shiny New Glasses, Shiny New Intro, Everything is getting an Upgrade.

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There has been no better time in history than right now to start a business and make money doing what you love. Technology has completely changed the game over the last five or 10 years. And actually the workshops that we now run helping people to make money and start businesses quickly, couldn’t have been done five or 10 years ago, you can now build a website for free online. And we can have that done in half an hour, we can start finding customers on Twitter, or on Facebook or on different places, instantly online. The opportunities that are available to you today just didn’t exist for people 510 years ago. So there is no better time than right now. For you to start building a business. The climate in the UK also provides a huge amount of opportunity for you right now. There are empty shop units inside shopping centres. There are rooms that aren’t being used in pubs, there are empty pumps that are available for you to use to start up your business. There is so much property, land resources available in England right now, for you to start a business. All you’ve got to do is get creative, get out there and find it. The opportunities right now are better than they ever have been. If you want to get going and you want to start up your business. Then we’re offering daily advice and tips on the pop up Business School Challenge. Just hit subscribe in the top corner, or come along to one of our free events. In November. We’ll be in Southampton at the start. We’ll be in Redding at the end of November. And then we’ll be in brain cross at the start of December. And there are some incredible events coming up to help you start your business. So come along to the event or subscribe to the YouTube channel for support starting up.