Five Ways to Kickstart your Website

Alan Donegan from the Rebel Business School shows us five ways to grow your business quickly and drive traffic to your website.

So we’re here in popular with all the startup businesses, and we’re looking at five ways to kickstart your website. So to get people to visit your website quickly. And we had one participant setting up a recruitment website yesterday. How many visitors was it 100 and? 179 unique visitors to the website in the afternoon. So what we want to do is look at ways that you can get people to your website quickly to generate those customers and sales.

And the first one is Twitter. It’s an incredibly quick medium to spread the message about what you’re doing. So if you take that link to your new website, put it on Twitter and start talking to people about your brand new website.

Number two, is Facebook. and actually, that’s a really quick and easy way to get your new business out in front of your friends. So take the link to the website, put it on Facebook, tell all the people you know about that websites and the more people you tell about your business, the quicker you’ll kickstart it and get people to visit it and find it.

number three is to write a blog with a list post. On your blog create a list post that says something like, the five top tips on how to write a good CV, the 10 things or 10 ways that people die at work and number three is PAT testing if you’re starting a PAT testing business, or whatever it is, but that list post creates great content that will get people interested to keep coming back to your website.

Number four is YouTube, and you can see that we are heavily focused on social media here because social media is the quickest tool you can get to get people to come to youir website. So it allows people to immediately find what you are doing. So create a video like this, stick it on YouTube, you need a powerful title, you need a great description, and some tags underneath that will enable people to find it online and always make sure you link back to your websites so that people can find it. So that’s number four, YouTube.

and number five is to create an email list. So we do all of this work to get people to visit our website. And then what happens? Do they leave? Do they stay? Do they ever come back? And actually you got to do some work then to capture their details. So when someone’s come to your website, how do you capture their email address, or get them to like your Facebook page or get them to follow you on Twitter so that you can capture their details and continue the conversation? Because that’s what we really want to do is capture people and get them to come back to us.

So those are the five top ways to kickstart your business and get going online. If you want to come to one of our events such as this one in Poplar, then click on our events page and on the link below. And hopefully I’ll see you at an event soon.


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