Five Reasons to Start your Business from a Cafe

Here are our Five reasons why we think you should start your business from a café!

So we’re in Starbucks and I thought I’d do a quick video to give you five reasons why you should start your business in Starbucks.

Number one, you might meet some interesting people. We were in a cafe, doing some planning on some magic whiteboard on the wall, a lady came up to us. Turns out she knows someone that could lead into a business opportunity for us. So by getting out in the community, you might meet some people.

Number two, they’ve got free Wi Fi. You can build your website for free, you can start marketing for free. You can get your business online quickly and free from a cafe with good internet.

Number three, it gives you some time to focus on your business. Sometimes at home,, we get distractions. The Telly, radio, the kids, the wife. You want to avoid those and get some focus time to get on with your business.

Number four, Henry had has interview for Camp America in this very Starbucks. I have my interview for Entrepreneur of the Year in this very Starbucks and I’ve had many business meetings right here in Starbucks. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and it’s a great place to do business meetings and avoid the business.

And Number five. They have great coffee. It gives you a caffeine kick and gets you going all day. So those are five reasons why we think you should start your business from Starbucks.