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Course Notes

Created by the Rebel Team who have over a decade of small business training skills as well as years of practical experience, side hustles and a lot of learnings along the way.

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Course notes


Introduction to rebel finance school

We are doomed to repeat the cycle if we don’t learn the money rules and break the cycle.  Today we looked at what people do with spare money, the lack of education around money, and how money is the only game we all have to play.


Debt Traps and the Debt Attack Strategy

The main thing we want you to get out of week 2 is how easy it is to get into debt. Companies want you to go into debt and have all sorts of tactics for getting you to borrow money from them. We want you to be wise to it.


Money beliefs

During week 3 we learn the importance of uncovering what you believe about money, finances and wealth. You then need to examine these beliefs. Are they true? How might the opposite be true? Is believing this giving you the results you want in your life? 



The main thing we want you to get out of week 4 is the importance of tracking your spending or choosing to plan ahead with the Rebel Money Planner.
Do you know where your money goes each month? Are you spending money on things you don’t even like or use?


cashflow part 2

“What gets measured, gets improved” and when it comes to your finances, this is vital for your success. By updating your net worth tracker on a monthly basis, you will see the progress you are making and if you are heading in the right direction or not.


Money relationships

In our final week, we covered understanding how you and others relate to money and how to track your progress. The better your communication around money, the easier your progress will be. Learn how to talk about money.

Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast

For extra motivation and inspiration, we’ve created the Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast for you so that we can go more into depth in the Rebel way of thinking.
Below are our picks of the best episodes that pair with the course – get these in your ears.

This key episode debunks the myth that ‘it takes money to make money’. You can build a business without debt, let us show you how.

Mike Essex’s ‘Free Stuff Every Day’ was a massive inspiration to us. We talk with Mike about his entrepreneurial journey and all things free.

Want to Learn more about finances?

Alan Donegan holding cash


Did you know Alan, Rebel Business School co-founder and entrepreneur, writes a blog?

Alan created a site to help people build businesses, reach financial independence, and live the lives they’ve always wanted.

For more information on how you can take control of your finances, visit Alan’s site here

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