Feeling Under Pressure

Henry begins the week in a poorly lit cafe with the story of the most stressful day in Rebel History and how to handle yourself under pressure.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Monday, Monday motivation, this is more of a more of a learning today than normal. Last Thursday, those are just gone. We had possibly one of the most spontaneous and stressful things that’s ever happened at the pop up business school. I was in Southampton with Jack and Matt Jackson, we were about to run an event. So we had we were covered, we had what we needed to do. Simon was in Edinburgh running a bigger corporate event for some actuaries. And Alan is on holiday. So three of us three different countries, small teams in Southampton, I get a phone call from a client that desperately needs us at a meeting about two and a half hours away from Southampton. And I’m the only one that can actually do it. Long story short, we have to completely spread ourselves thin, we use what we have, we take advantage of the situation and I end up driving two and a half hours to get to this meeting, I turn up late. But we do stuff we do what we need to do we make the client happy, always good or worked out for Southampton workshop went really well, I hope apparently. But what we learned was, that’s not something that we thought we could do. It’s not something we thought we were capable of doing. We didn’t think we were able to spread ourselves thin and still be effective. You know, we thought that by doing that by rushing all over the place, we were stressful things would be done at a lesser quality we, we were terrified about what was going on. But it’s only in those moments of stress and pressure, that you really figure out what it is that you can actually do as a team. And it took us to another level which showed us what we can actually achieve when we put our minds to it and when we have to. And it’s only when you put yourself in a situation where you have to do something that you really figure out what it is you can actually do. So I guess what I’m trying to say it’s a mixture of two things is first thing of put your client first, it would have been really easy for me to just go. I don’t want to drive two and a half hours, I feel like I where I am is more important. Been really easy to do that. But the client wouldn’t have been happy with that. And we probably would have killed a business opportunity immediately on the spot by doing. So I pushed yourself out, we did what we had to do. And we got there, we stepped up to the challenge. And we achieved that and we did it in Southampton thing went great. We didn’t have to worry about the client, the other client was happy to be turned up, it was brilliant and put the client first. And then because they’re the most important thing, more business doesn’t come of it. More business is coming because of that action. But it’s also put yourself in that position, put yourself in a position where you have to do something, because then you’ll do it at the quality, the best quality that you can. And you’ll be amazed at what you can actually achieve, you’ll be amazed. I think that’s sort of like our learning. That’s the main thing that we got out of that first day was something completely different. And something so quick, that we just had to happen. We made it happen. It was a learning curve for us, we now know what we need to we need to make sure that we cover ourselves, that kind of thing. But we did it and we did it to a good quality as well. And that really amazed us it showed us what we were able to do. And we know now that we can do that next time it happens we know where we can put ourselves we know what level of work we can achieve when we put under sort of pressure. So not much of a Monday motivation. It was more of a learning it was more of a an observation of something that’s happened. But for more of this kind of stuff for more actual, like properly proper content. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. We post videos out every day and they’re awesome. join the Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Instagram. Just keep up to date with what we’re doing. And more importantly, come along to an event because the event is where all the magic happens. That’s where we can help you with your business. That’s where we can give you the website we can find you some customers and we can get you trading within the space of time that you come see us.