What does extraordinary mean to you?

Presenting: The Extraordinary Life Course

To celebrate Rebel’s 10th Birthday, we have created a brand new course all about designing the life you want to lead.

Whatever extraordinary means to you, our new weekly course will help you overcome challenges, take action and make things happen.

And the best part? Like all of our courses, it’s completely free to attend.

> Online via Zoom

> Wordwide Access

> Free to Attend

So what is The Extraordinary Life Course?

Our online course consists of five sessions of practical content giving you all the fundamentals you need to create an extraordinary 2023.

The five sessions are spread out over five weeks: running from 8pm til 9.30pm UK time (plus Q&A) online via Zoom or YouTube.

Through the course, you’ll learn:

  • To work out what extraordinary is for you and how to start working towards it
  • Set yourself up for an incredible 2023 to give yourself the best possible chance of creating the life you want
  • Learn the art of mini-experiments and apply it to your life
  • Set goals for the first quarter of 2023 and how to stay on track
  • Create an accountability group and work closely with them to make shit happen
  • Learn the power of action and how to create it
  • Have fun on the journey of creation not just waiting for happiness at the end of the success rainbow
When you were at school did someone come into your class and ask you if you wanted an extraordinary life? They didn't at ours!

Every day we imagine what we want life to be like and create it in terms of our relationships, home, environment, and even what we eat.
We just don’t take the time to imagine bigger and create the life we actually want to live.

The reason we don’t is we believe the standard life plan that we have been made leads to success. It is one of the biggest lies out there.

The question is “What is extraordinary for you?”
For the ten year anniversary of The Rebel School, Simon, Katie & Alan have written a brand new course all about lifestyle design.

Not only that, but to celebrate our anniversary and winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise we are going to give the whole thing away for free.
We want to help you set up 2023 to be the most extraordinary year for you. 

The extraordinary belongs to those that create it.

It is not handed out. It is not bestowed on a special few. You build it.

Are you ready to be extraordinary?

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Each session runs 8pm until 9.30pm UK time (plus Q&A) online via Zoom or YouTube.

Monday 21st November
Current Reality and Setting Up Extraordinary.

Monday 28th November
Mini-experiments, Choosing a Direction and Creating Your Vision of Extraordinary

Monday 5th December
Taking Action, Making Things Happen and How to Create Momentum

Monday 12th December
Overcoming Challenges, The Disney Creative Strategy and The Power of Masterminds

Monday 19th December
The Magic Ingredients of Extraordinary

Meet your extraordinary trainers

Alan Donegan

Alan is a Financially Independent pizza lover that will help you build businesses, take control of your finances and create the life of your dreams. 

Simon Paine

Simon spent ten years as a police officer and the next ten experimenting with business and music. He loves creating life-changing shifts in thinking through coaching.

Katie Donegan

Katie launched Rebel Finance School after retiring from corporate life early in 2017, at the age of 33. She helps others discover their path on their journey to financial freedom.