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Links during course

The documents below include a list of all the links needed during each day of the course (podcast episodes, books, websites etc.)

These will be updated whenever new links to external resources are added to the course. See this page for the most up-to-date version of the documents.

Day 1

How to Start a Business for Free

Last updated 29.03.22

Day 2

Sales & Marketing

Last updated 10.06.22

Day 3

How to Build a Website with No Money

Last updated 29.03.22

Day 4

Finding Customers on Social Media

Last updated 10.06.22

Day 5

The Rebel Guide to The Legal Stuff

Last updated 10.06.22

Day 6

Mastering Pitching and Keeping Customers

Last updated 29.03.22

Day 7

Productivity & Networking Effectively

Last updated 10.06.22

Day 8

Getting Your Website on Google

Last updated 29.03.22

Day 9

Staying Motivated & Live Business Coaching

Last updated 29.03.22

Day 10

Negotiation & Graduation

Last updated 29.03.22

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