Escaping Traditional Business

Katie and Andrew from TimeTrap Escape Rooms in Reading are past participants of The Rebel Business School and have now set up their own Escape Room which you can attend now at Great Expectations Hotel & Bar until the 6th November 2016.

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Katina Andrew and we run pinecraft Eight brains just based on reading.

So it was Katie first that had the initial idea. So she’s sort of symptom, some consulting for escape rooms. So she’d gone to a couple said, I can help you design a room, I kind of said, Do you want to do it yourself? And then she was a bit sceptical. But I think I said, you know, I’ll do it with you. And we can make a good team. And then sort of happened like that?

Well, the first one we did at the Fringe Festival was dungeon theme, because we were based in purple to our twin wedding, which is basically a dungeon. So to make it easier for us, we just themed around what the decoration was already like. And so then we got some space here for six weeks. And this is obviously great expectations. It’s a Charles Dickens thing. Today, we did a Charles Dickens themed game. But when we have our own premises, we’re like, we can do whatever things we want. Because we can be in charge of the decorating ourselves. We sent out emails around like businesses and reading pubs and things. And then we just walked around reading for a day, like, walk miles and miles and just went into everywhere that we thought might have some space. And this was the last place that we went, and we were like, never going to find anywhere. We just popped in here and said, Oh, do you have any space that we rent for just six weeks or so and they just said, Oh, you can have this space, we don’t charge for it. So you can just have it free? Okay, great. Is the responsibility

of people giving you money and trusting you with their money for you to then provide the service, I found that quite hard to sort of take on that where we’re providing the service. And we’ve got to make we’ve got to make that service good is actually people enjoying the game. So even though you’re wearing they might not? It’s actually seeing all the work that we’ve done, actually, you know, people enjoy it and certain like, wow, that’s really cool, which is quite rewarding.

Mainly, what I just got from pop up was like, not I was unconfident before, but I just felt the support to, like, drive you to go for it. Like I probably wouldn’t have gone for it if I hadn’t gone. So that’s the main thing like the spirit. And then there’s loads of like little tips. I can’t remember them all right now, but just like little tips, like provide three levels of service of different prices, and then you’ll probably get one that they want to go for and then you won’t lose the sale or like just little tips like that. Yeah,

I think the biggest one for me was actually less like, go out and ask local businesses for space because I think the big thing I’ve learned is that there’s so much space is underutilised. Like right across the UK. But there’s space like this that can just be used by any business. And it’s a bit of a shame that business design that other businesses take it over. But if you just go and ask them, they will be space available for

you. They can find us our website, which is WWE timetrax Escape where they just Google timed out one word escape proof, then we actually do come up now on the perfect show.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram traffic.

Yeah. Was it five more weeks? Till the sixth of November? Yeah. and a half. Yeah. And then do you have another infection after that? Or is it No, well, we want to we don’t want to keep moving. That’s not very cost effective. So we want to just get into a permanent place off this. So we probably will more have to be like non operational for a while whilst we better right. And then in the new year hopefully will be better.