Rebel Stories.

Em Harper
Emzee Care

Find Em at @emzeecare

Em had taken a break from the corporate hustle to look after her lovely children. But that fire to learn and grow never dimmed. So when Rebel came along, she knew it was her chance to embrace something new, no matter what stage of life she was at. The course was a gold mine of refreshing tips, reaffirming what she already knew and teaching her exciting new stuff about social media, online marketing, and the ever-changing business world.

Before Rebel, she was working on a passion project to help her kids with their scalp conditions. Armed with love and all-natural ingredients, she formulated her first lotions that really impressed her family and friends. They loved it so much that they encouraged her to sell it to others. And guess what? The demand skyrocketed! Her “accidental business” aptly titled Emzee Care was born, and she embraced the rollercoaster ride it offered.

But even as Emzee Care thrived, she felt the need for that extra push to scale it further. That’s where Rebel’s course swooped in to save the day and presented other Rebel alumni the opportunity to sell at pop-up markets. The experience fuelled her confidence, it pushed her to put her brand out there and connect with customers face to face, which was a revelation for her as she had settled in her comfort zone of selling online only.

Although she’s been building her brand online while trading at Rebel’s markets she discovered there was something magical about meeting people face to face, sharing her story, and connecting on a deeper level. While online customers might bookmark her products for a later purchase, the market was a different world altogether. Here, they could see, hear, and feel her authenticity. Em’s eyes lit up as she explained her journey – how she started this venture to help her own children’s scalp condition and ended up creating products that garnered incredible responses from friends and family. As she spoke her genuine care for her customers resonated deeply. Those who had just met her were drawn to her brand and what it stood for – honesty, authenticity, and a commitment to quality. They didn’t just buy a product; they invested in Em’s vision and the essence of Emzee Care.

Although the nerves were palpable at first, with each customer who left her stall with a satisfied smile, Em’s confidence soared. She learned so much from this experience, gaining valuable insights into the type of products that appealed to different market locations. It was like a crash course in understanding her customers’ needs and preferences.

Rebel had a great impact on Em’s journey she started selling more and giving her business the structure and consistency, it needed. Em shares: “They taught us to collect those “nos” with pride because each rejection led to the next big opportunity. It wasn’t always easy, and the first offline trading event in Brent Cross had me shaking in my boots. But the heartwarming response from customers made it all worth it. People appreciated the authenticity and honesty I brought to the table, and that’s what builds a loyal customer base.”

Being part of Rebel wasn’t just about making sales; it was about sharing stories and experiences. Meeting fellow traders and customers opened Em’s eyes to their needs and struggles, helping her improve and innovate even more.

Em’s experience after taking action: “Knocking on doors, sending emails, and gathering the courage to face rejection was all worth it. That one “yes” led to a dream partnership that I never imagined possible. Rebel taught me that “no” actually means “Next Opportunity,” making rejections a little less harsh.”

Now, Emzee Care is blooming, and they’ve got two fabulous products! Their hair and scalp lotion which are unique, their lotion was formulated with love to be non-sticky, non-oily, and non-greasy. Perfect for sensitive scalps, it detangles and conditions the hair without clogging scalp pores. And then there are their curly cutie hair clips – again a creation for her daughters. They are made of plastic to be gentle on young hair, they showcase diverse hairstyles and skin tones, a refreshing sight in a market that often overlooks diversity.

They’ve got more exciting products in the pipeline, and they’re following Rebel’s golden rule – “done is better than perfect.” It’s time to embrace the imperfect magic and launch their creations to the world.