Eat Your Frog

If you have that one thing that is at the back of your mind that you are dreading doing, do it now. You’ll feel so much better for doing so. Henry explains using a Frog Metaphor. This is Challenge Tuesday.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Thursday, challenge Tuesday, follow up Business School Challenge Tuesday, I’m going to try and make you do something that you’ve been putting off. What is the one thing? What’s your frog? What is the one thing that you have been putting off for days or weeks that is really bothering you? There’s probably one little thing that you’re thinking, Oh, I should do that. No, do this fun thing. Go and do that. Do the hard thing. Because think how good you’re gonna feel once you’ve done that, eat your frog feel if I put a frog in front of you on a desk at the start of the day. And I said, by five o’clock, you have to eat that. What are you going to do all day, you’re just going to think about having to Eat That Frog the whole time. If you ate that frog, immediately, right at the start of the day, you’re gonna feel brilliant. I mean, maybe not straightaway offering the frog, but you’re gonna feel great, because you’ve done it. It’s out of the way it’s done. You can forget about it. Now you’ve got all this time to spend doing other things. You’re not going to be productive. Are you thinking about eating frog the whole time? So find that task. Figure out what that one thing you keep putting off is maybe it’s just calling somebody. Maybe it’s replying to an email. Maybe it’s talking to a customer. Maybe it’s writing a report. Maybe it’s writing a proposal for someone. Figure out what that thing that you keep putting off this and do it. Get out the way you’ll feel brilliant. And then it’ll be so much more productive for the rest of the day and the week and possibly the month depending what it is. That was challenge Tuesday. We have starting reading next week on Monday the 21st which happens to be massive, free unit and Waterstones unit in the Oracle. If you are around reading, come along. Take advantage of that. You’re going to love it. It’s going to be a brilliant atmosphere. It’s going to be a massive workshop. We’re going to make so many businesses come true. It’s going to be amazing. Like us, subscribe to us. Talk to us. Tell us how we’re getting on. Show us what we need to do. Is this helping? It should be helping? You wouldn’t be watching it if it wasn’t helping. I’m glad it’s helped me. Look forward to hearing from you. You didn’t need to know it was Tuesday that many times but it was more fun that way.