Do Backlinks Still Work?

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Luke, question from the pop up is, do backlinks still work? And if they do still work, how do I do them effectively?

Yes, backlinks do still work. They work. Yeah, that’s a short answer. Basically, they do still work. And the way I like to imagine website is imagine you’re you’re writing a case study or something. And the more credible sources you link out to and the more credible sources that link to your case study, the more credible your your case study is. So that’s exactly the same a website, as far as a building up an authoritative sort of backlink profile, you don’t always need just inbound links, outbound links also help if you’re linking out to strong domains, they need to make sure that in the context are relevant. So don’t just run out, link out to this call, BBC News article that has no relevancy to your business. If it’s going to help your users in you know, your main purpose, you know, bit leads or converts or if it’s, you know, related to your topic, then it’s worth linking out to the authoritative domains. But as far as attaining inbound links, don’t buy links, make sure it’s completely natural. I know is the easy way to get up in the rankings. And yes, it might work in the short term. But are you building the business for it to be a short term sort of idea? Or do you actually want to build it. So it’s long term, trade, rich content, create content that you know, your users would want to link to useful to users. And they tend to naturally get the links pointing to them. So basically, create content that create content that doesn’t have backlinks in mind, create content that you believe your users want to see, and believe your users, you know, will find you sort of a naturally they will, they will get the inbound links, if you try too hard to create that content that’s going to be linked to you might miss the mark. And you might actually be completely looking the wrong way.

So what are the top three ways that people should get backlinks to their websites?

I would say, in a small amount, sort of guest posts and building up those relationships with other sort of websites in your industry, you know, quite a lot of the case that I come across is people get involved with like charities and stuff like that. This is the initial phase, when you sort of get to the sort of bigger websites, then it’s easier to get those inbound links from sort of your own curated content. But I say sort of creating relationships with other websites where they naturally want to link to you and see you as a credible source. Creating content, as I just said, that your users want to see becoming the sort of thought leader in your industry, and sort of demonstrating what you do best people will naturally want to link to you. And then also citations build citations. So like I said earlier, the local profile listings and social listings, so you know, your Facebook, your Twitter’s and stuff like that mention your link to your website. It says as far as starting out, that’s the best way to build up your backlink profiles.

What’s the top three things that a startup can do to get itself listed on Google?

So as I was sort of mentioning earlier, you definitely want your sort of Google My Business. If we’re talking small businesses, Google My Business is definitely the way to go down. And Google’s also focusing quite heavily now on mobile.