Digitally Connecting with Customers

Social Media Trainer, Speaker & Author Nicky Kriel talks with Alan about the best ways to find customers online.

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Converting Conversations to Customers by Nicky Kriel

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stalking has a bit of a bad reputation. But actually, we’re going to talk about stalking customers. I’m here with Nikki Creel, the author of converting conversations to customers. And we’re going to talk about how you can stalk your customers Nikki, it seems like an intense word for we’re going to do what do you mean by stalking customers?

I think what we could say, follow your customers or pay attention to your customers, but really soakings FOMO. I think what happens is that quite often, if you want to get into a business, you don’t actually spend enough time online, and there’s so much information about your customers online, that you can really get to know them. And it’s, it’s actually paying attention to what’s available publicly, that can give you an insight and give you a clue to how to get business. So I know for example, somebody got a job because they noticed on Twitter that somebody’s favourite pizza was pepperoni pizza. And so they sent their CV in a pepperoni pizza had pizza delivered to somebody, wow, office was quite funny pizza, and there was a CV, and guess what they got the job it was, it was full sales job. So for the food bribery, I know. So

I think I’d react to a pizza.

Sadly, now, you don’t want to be completely creepy about it in terms of soaking. But when salespeople used to go into people’s offices, what they would do is they would scan the room for clues about people. So maybe it’s a packed picture of a family, or maybe they’ve got a picture of the dog or the golf golf clubs. And then then you try to find a common interest or something if and talk to people, because when you go and meet people, you always want to find things that you’ve got in common with them, and you want to talk on him. And so on social media, there’s a lot of information. So if you want to, if you’re interested in getting to a certain business, you can generally find out whose employees using LinkedIn. So you can find out who the employees are for that company. You might also find them on Twitter. So the match button for her followers, maybe use the LinkedIn contacts, you’ve got find out their Twitter profile. So you can start building a relationship just with LinkedIn and Twitter. But it’s also worth having a look at Facebook. So he was saying, if if the Facebook page is public, sometimes people have closed, so you can’t see or interact in a certain group. So like, for example, if you wanted to get into a company, you’d go to the company page and see who’s interacting on that page, and how how they’re interacting, who’s responding. And sometimes you can tell who works at the company, who doesn’t. But Instagram is a great source of information about people because people, okay, some people just do logos and words, quotes and things like that. But a lot of people give you a real insight as to what makes them tick. So it’s almost gives you the heart and soul of that person. So you can find out a lot of information. So with company, if you’re following a company, you can see who’s attending the events, and they may have tagged certain people, or maybe people said, Oh, that was a great event. So you can actually find out more about the company that way. So once you’ve found people who want to really pay attention to them, and you use this to do that, so you just can focus on people pay attention, not be creepy in terms of every time they do anything respond to because you notice when people do that, but you can pay attention at least once a week, respond to something that they put out, read the blog content, you can add a comment etc. And it will help you to actually get business, stalking and less

stalking in a nice way. So the basic messages, find out who you want to talk to, and do your research online, check them out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and find something to create a connection with people. So Nikki, if our audience want to find out more about what you do, where do they go?

Find me almost everywhere under Nikki Creel, which is Nic kYK are ie L. So I’m on Twitter, at Nick grill. My website is Nikki quills are calm, but chat to me wherever you find me.

Yes. And Nikki has just launched a new book, which is called converting conversations to customers. And it’s all about how you as a small business owner, or startup can find customers online and convert them into much needed sales. So there’s some great advice and tips in there. And thank you, Nikki for coming in and doing this series of videos with us today. That was fantastic. And if you’ve got any questions for Nicky, put them in the comments below or send me a message on Twitter. And that’s not all. We have been lucky enough to be given a signed copy of Nicky coils book to give away all you have to do is click on the link and subscribe to our YouTube channel or there’s a couple of other ways you can enter as well to be in with a chance to win the signed copy of Nikki creels book