Dancing Through Business

Alan talks to Daisy from PopUp Croydon about her business: Bump Dance Fitness and what has changed since she joined The Rebel Business School.

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So we’re at the Popup event in Redding. And Daisy from Popup in Croydon has come back to visit us. And we always love to see people who’ve been on the previous workshops that we’ve run and to find out what’s been going on. Now Popup Croydon was a month or two ago wasn’t. So what’s been happening? Since what? Well, what’s your business for everyone?

So I’m adult fitness instructor and my dance fitness classes have a crash and the live DJ so that young women and mothers can get involved. There’s no barriers. They’re inspired and motivated to keep fit and to get healthy. In a fun and exciting way.

So since Popin in Croydon, what’s been the biggest things that have changed.

I’ve definitely grown in confidence in being able to put my list together to email people to keep emailing people keep emailing people and understand demographic better in terms of like people being lazy and busy. And not just doing it once and sitting back and saying no, that’s okay. I know that I’ve got to keep keep keep keep at it. So that’s really changed.

So if you were having had the experience you’ve had building your business and just getting into it, if you had some advice for people that were starting up a business and just getting going, what would your top tips for the people who wanted to start up be?

Top tip would be start worry about the other things later, I think we always feel like we have to have everything perfectly in place. And it’s not always like that, know that people aren’t going to come to you, you have to go to them. And having a business card, and leaflets and all these things that we think we must have, in order to start a business doesn’t necessarily work. It’s easy to be down to give up to listen to what other people are doing. And also looking at what other people are doing a Instagram and saying, oh my gosh, this person’s doing so much. And they’ve got so much followers and they’re earning so much money and feeling like you can’t do that when actually you can. But they’ve probably had a lot of hard work behind it. A lot of years behind it. So just persevering, and continuing so that you can be there one day as well.

I totally agree. And that’s one of the biggest things we see at the pop up Business School is people are waiting for customers to come to them. And there’s one thing we know is if you’re waiting for a customer to come to you, you’ll be waiting a long long time you’ve got to go to them. So Daisy where can people find out more about you and your business?

Well you can find me on Instagram at bump underscore dance fitness on Facebook at dance bump dance fitness, and if you are incorporated or live in Croydon then please come down to new ad intens where the my classes and all the information is on the social media.

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