Creating a Delicious Catering Business

Delores from Devine Delicacies is a past participant of The Rebel Business School and has now set up her own Catering Business and Cooking Company. We catch up with her 6 months on to find out how she is getting

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My name is Dolores John. And I am the sole trader for divine delicacies. I cater mainly food, cakes, anything really that is edible. At the moment, it’s been a lot of events for me this year, I make everything myself. So it was always freshly done because that I make it only per order. Nothing is been no meat no nothing is held in the freezer anywhere. I buy it fresh every time. I don’t I don’t not work in from frozen food or frozen whatever, I just go to the butchers. If I get an order I go and I order it straightaway and i i prepare it myself straightaway. I am a pensioner and thoroughly enjoyed myself at the moment. I got a phone call from my friend Maria. And she said to me, I want you in your court. On Monday, nine o’clock. Don’t be late. Bring a pen and a notepad with you. I said why? She said Don’t ask any questions just come along. I’m going to meet you there. And I said what was it about she said, There’s a company called Papa business school. And I want you to attend that business school. I was upset because I was travelling to cover from my hip replacement. And I came along I did come with my crutches. And I sat there and I listened to what Alan Donegan and his team was doing. And I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. And then I saw, yeah, I’ve got a lot of things that I need. Before I can set my business. They educated me on on what I needed. They assisted me in getting everything that I needed. And I start putting it into practice. Alan taught me that you don’t have to borrow money to make money. So I thought they’re right. Because I’ve been down this road before the pop up business school taught me that I can definitely do it. That gave me the confidence and encouragement. And I took that first step. And I’ve not looked back since Caribbean food with me is still got an English twist to it. It’s not the Caribbean, like if he was in the Caribbean. Everything that I use is what I actually made myself. And I supply all as well. So if anybody wants to buy it, they can buy it as well. If they want to cook something, I can show them exactly how it’s been used, I probably would have gone back to what I was doing before I had my art, which meant that I was going to be very unhappy because I wasn’t very happy there is now going to be at the right I’m going now with my orders and my business. I am soonerlater going to have to look for premises, it is a journey. It’s very enjoyable. They need to be able to realise if you’re doing something, if you’re enjoying it, and it’s working, go for it. If it’s not sit back and look at what you’re doing and decide where where am I going wrong? Sick, the right advice. And don’t borrow money. Because if you borrow money and your business don’t work, you’re gonna have to pay that money back Come What May is hard work to start a business and then it don’t work. It’s more upsetting. If you start it is such an awesome feeling when you can see something working. I’m not saying that I’m busy every day. But I’ve got weeks when I’m really busy. But those weeks that I’m busy with make up for the time that I’m not busy and the time I’m not busy is the time I’ve got my housework to be done. My business is now growing. I’ve now got lots of orders. I am looking for staff. And I know that with help from the proper business school that I will get exactly what I want. I am getting what I want. And I’m very happy to say that they’ve done me a great favour. I’ve never been happy in my life.