Changing Your Mindset and Being the Best You with Brad Burton | Business Survival Livestream 008

Simon is joined by Brad Burton, motivational speaker and founder of 4Networking to chat changing your mindset, self belief and how to be the best you. RECORDED LIVE: 9th April 2020 Brad Burton:… 4Networking:


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We’ve been beaming zoom straight into Facebook. As you can tell, this is not my area of expertise. I think beaming is the right word faultlessly effortlessly for the last fortnight, and then the most important one of the of the last few sessions for me personally, and it boosts up on the tech. So thank you for being so patient with that. And thank you for joining us on this platform. Absolutely brilliant. And I think there’s a few reasons why this is so important to me. Brad, you very kindly dropped into a pop up in Taunton? About About two and a half years ago, wasn’t it? Obviously, it was a local one for you. And it was, it was a bit unplanned. And I think when you came in the room with pepper, I saw you walk in the room, when I’m just gonna stop what I’m saying now, it’s like cut off mid sentence. And Brad said, everybody, and I don’t think you’ve ever had chance to settle in the room. So it’s good. It’s good to catch up with you again.

Can I just say something? Simon? What’s that about that? You look at how inaccurate that is? Right? And let me tell you how I found you. I found you and you did a Facebook cover. That said, we’re coming to Taunton. And that’s its purpose is to cover chat with these guys in the ankles, it and that was what happened. So if you’re not in the Facebook advert, I want to say I wouldn’t have asked it to paper, I wouldn’t have attended notes. Funny how things pan out.

Yeah, it and I think when you came in that day, I know that it led to some more business for you. And I also know that you made our client and you also made a couple of people in the room cry. Now I don’t know about you. But I think that goes down as a as a result. I think that’s a good result.

You know, I am you never set out to make anyone cry. But what you find is when people cry, is because they’ve been holding on to something for so long, it’s become so painful. And actually they it’s a bit like drowning with a pair of gold bars. You know, at some point you’ve got a fucking like over because you think that these gold bars keep you safe. And actually they just hold you back. And that’s what I managed to do. I’ve realised something that what a motivational speaker does is every wine people back to a time in their life when they something happened and they didn’t learn the lesson. And that’s what a motivational speaker does. I’ve I’ve looked at sets himself how do I work? What is it about when I speak or whatever, do something on stage what is going on there? And that’s what I believe it is I believe tech people back to a time when there was a lesson to be learned that it didn’t pick it up and it kind of goes back there. Not everyone’s prepared to do that. Everyone’s prepared to go back but go back with most because otherwise you’d be on to gold bars. Firstly love drowning slowly.

Okay, yeah, that’s that’s interesting. I’ve written that one down maybe we’ll come back to that. I think the other thing that the other thing that was two other bits that has drawn me to four ran into you into the work that you’re doing and again especially over the last couple of weeks but for the last couple of years for sure. Is that the way that you go about things is different to me you’ve got the bits that are missing so I’m really interested in in you personally and the leadership style and so on because it’s very different to mine and

summit summit Summit. Tell me what you miss in terms of what what skills do I have that you you don’t believe you’ve got

hang on a minute let’s do in the questions here are supposed to be me, isn’t it now it’s a nice question. I’m not gonna dodge it.


Listen to the people that know you are smiling on the camera. Now, can you walk straight into that one? And

then listen, it’s an interesting one. Because what we do we find we people who have skills that are that we lack, when attracted to so it’s able to partners. My wife is an introvert, like massively introvert on a scale of one to 10 into into 10 being high introvert one be low, she’s an eight or a nine. Equally. You know, what she likes about music? Confidence. And if it wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t attract it into environments that you’d never dreamed of doing it that makes it have some questions. Yeah, but you know, we I think that’s what it is. I think it appeals I think, I think skills that people have to appeal.

I think it’s your I think I’m I just answered your question, I think thanks for giving me some thinking time as well. By the way, the the thing the thought that struck me was it’s the boldness, it’s the directness, and you’re saying you’re very, very good at getting right to the point and delivering it away that in a way that makes people sit up and listen, and I think I think that’s one of the reasons I’m drawn into you know,

this, this this this the clock’s ticking, right? Mate. One day when you see people with formality coming in, you know, eating, cooking food with the left or or having to do some pomp and ceremony for morning tea. So what the fuck is going on? You look at this COVID thing and some stuff that we’ve all like, everything that we kind of knew just thrown out the window. I’ll give you an example. So Richard Branson, you know he’s got millions of pounds. Great. And actually, he’s now looking for a bailout from the government. So at what point when you’ve got millions of billions of pounds, you start relaxing, enjoying your life, hey, you still in the saver kinetics enables as a small business owner. So this whole thing about time is so important. And I think we spend too much time trying to almost be liked by everyone. And consequently, we’re wasting time ie our life, on being something that we’re not to fit in. And I realised all my life I’ve tried to fit in, and I never did. I’ve been an outsider on life. And for the first time in my life, I’m now an insider, surrounded by all you outside this. And that’s the great thing about it is that when you can find proper peace with your life and proper contentment with your life is when you stop having to fucking worry about what other people think, you know, as long as you’re not going out there and you know, bombing orphanages, you know, behaving yourself, that actually is good. And I think that’s what I’ve managed to find myself, I finally managed to find contentment and peace being myself.

Okay, I completely resonate for me, I think. I think I’m still on the journey. If I’m honest, I think there’s still a little bit of me going, you know, I’ll say that bit here. And I’ll do that bit there. And there’s still a bit of conforming going on my business partner, by the way, isn’t it he’s going the other way, he’s conforming less and less as every weekday ticks by. So there’s something about the way that he always got a lot of synergy.

Second, how old are you?

I’m 45. But that comes as a shock to everybody.

This is one of those ones that you waste your life trying to conform and to appease people. And when you realise that all you’ve got is one life. I could give two shits. And actually what’s interesting about it is when you think about me speaking at the highest level, get your bingo cards up people, you know JCB cos zero, the list does go on. But when you start looking at that, then you start thinking generally writing it down. But when you start looking at that there at the highest level in the UK, it populates when jeans jeans and T shirt Yeah, I was told that the only way that I’d get books is by Cp suit pocket watch being an orator. And actually, you know, I don’t sound like you used to as a kid I can’t proper right? But what I’ve done is I’m still Mancunian, I’m still know that they’re still not putting enough push motion and I tell you sweater, and you realise you’re 47 you know, some of the people that I meet all the people that they kind of come to realisation so far late in life, and I kind of came to it about four to actually people don’t like me, for the big wide world out there are people that that do like math for being me. And the only way it’s like a 50 pence piece. You know, people that don’t like me would say I’m aggressive and swearing and northern professional did it do people who like me say will say he’s generous, his warm, his friend that is present were two sides of the same coin. So the only way that I can appeal to these people think of now loud northern aggressive, the only way that I can appeal to them is by changing who I am, which doesn’t appeal to me but also then you lose all the people that like you for being the other side of the coin. And this is a problem in life is that I’ve got the people that liked me for being me. So honestly, it’s wonderfully liberating, but we’ll get up

the thing that went through my mind about two and a half three weeks ago as we started to think as an events company that that Monday just before the lockdown when we had 190 K’s worth of business evaporate in front of our eyes in about two hours when all of our summer events got cancelled. You know, we went through this you know obviously like a process of shock and like what are we going to do and then pivot and then get creative make things happen do things different as we were doing that I look onto my Facebook and here’s a picture of Brad joining like asking us to join the resistance the resistance begins now and I’m really interested to know what what the thought processes you’ve been through since all this stuff has happened there we go there we go. I haven’t got one of these I need to get one of these. What happened what happened when it started to roll for you what thought process did you go through and what was those last those first few days like so let

me tell you something I was punished by him before it was cool to panic by just man I was six weeks out so when everyone else is all panic buying like two three weeks ago I was there six weeks ago because I was listening to LBC who Wuhan or whatever it’s called and I’ve played enough computer games in my life to know that actually without a cure is getting to that’s the reality of it so I was genuinely you know panic buying you know what to say paper and it wasn’t even upon the the kid the baby milk to repurpose you then because he’s just listen I was in public doing whatever else was queued up I was a week before that was way out right so I’d like to start getting cans and actually saving rice pick up the massive and then you know it was one of those ones where I kind of anticipated this so my business for networking we run 5000 meetings across the UK face to face meetings every single year but we didn’t so COVID now interpret all the sudden you’re not allowed to go out from family businesses fell off multimillion pound businesses. interrested got finished over done instantly. So you can sit there panicking going, oh shoot, shoot, shoot. Well we know it’s out of order what’s what’s mushy? So I’m not going to do and explain something Rishi Sunak great speech fabulous speech fabulous Chancellor thought exceptional and every single one of those grants and all this stuff every single one we’ve managed to definitely avoid not a single beat. So we are left on our own and we can sit there going well, what are you doing for us in the FSB? Say that they’re going to speak to Richie Dave Okay now going to speak to no one right you can’t do nothing right the reality is you’ve got bigger fish to fry and and be having meetings with the Chamber of Commerce about what they think the people should do. So the reality is done towards we are on our own every single individuals on our own you can sit there all day long to try pretend that the government is going to bail you and me out the that’s the reality of it. So actually, you have two options one going oh my god, my businesses failed and this guy is holding a lot of iceberg ice cubes. But I’m going to keep holding he’s gonna keep off we’re gonna keep pulling and then comes from Sandy Gomez nice kids finish to realise he’s in a war zone and how to get yourself into a war zone. Now you know one of my mentors get your bingo cards out is his special forces rusty Furman SS man and what he said to me he’s the guy that the film six days was based on Netflix the regular membership so he said to me he said you know you cannot delegate responsibility right he said you cannot delegate responsibility that goes fucking murdering through you that you cannot delegate responsibility so whatever shit you’ve got to do, you’ve got to do it right as good as bingo balls are people if you can have a look our price the price of bingo balls, and you know so you’ve got you’ve got this whole situation right you’ve got this whole situation where you’ve got to rely on self so I got myself into a war footing now let me tell you something six. Two weeks ago I went to buy some food from the farm shop went there bought some food and a woman behind the counter starting right since she started company she’s not coughing what is next chain of events will happen she started coughing so got all the food from the farm shop on vegetables and rang the wife says listen as I’m coming on now do me a favour clear the island off I’m going to put Island posh right clearly island off I’m gonna put on me through a bedroom and I’m going to wash it. So she did that and I took all my clothes off in the kitchen fluid AMI clothes nude. Put them in the in the washing machine washed it put the plastic bags in the Woodburn and pistol stairs. Now, if I was doing that before the you know Mustafa COVID for the donor action, everyone, we got you tap bread. Same goes for your business. If you’re still using your business like it was six, six weeks ago now you’re fucking tabs because the world is changed in the same way we technicals off six week on is perfectly acceptable. Six weeks ago, I’ve been tabs if you’re still running your business the way it was six weeks ago, you’re going to fail. That’s the reality of it. Because right now I’ll tell you something, there’s going to be losers, big losers winners and big winners. And I want you to be on the column of a big winner. And the way you’re going to do that is by doing what I’m doing right now with this. Right? This is a fucking war zone. So you can treat it like the old ways of being, you know, your pills and twinset. And everything’s very formal and so forth. You can say, You know what I’m getting the fucking sinner on, I’m gonna go do something about this situation, which is exactly what we did 14 year business boom, gone overnight, nothing. I don’t listen, I don’t listen to stuff. I don’t know misappropriation of funds for call COVID-19. And then the government not been able to help us God. So we have to change instantly. And that’s exactly what we did. And we’ve managed to do for networking 5000 meetings across the UK, it took us four years to get to 120 meetings. First year was 12,000,002nd years. 25. Next year was 56 minutes, 128. year four, we’ve done that within three weeks online for an online dot biz, do check out put the link on the site, please. But you know, we’ve done it. So we’ve done four years of work, what took four years first round, 14 years later, we’ve done in three weeks. And that is experience. That’s what allows you to make decisions faster. And that’s exactly what’s done for making better decisions faster.

So one of the things that that links, I think pop ups approach to what furiends done. I keep hearing you say I think I think I read it in in the book, get off your ass. The first book that you wrote, was that the first one as far as I’m on it. And there’s something in there that you get, I think maybe you’ve I’ve seen on live streams as well. They said I was mad. They kept saying we were mad. I kept saying we were mad to combine social with business. Is that stuff more important online? It’s the same as the same as what you would do just as important or is it more important now?

So when I started for networking, 50% Social 50% business and it works. And actually everyone said oh you crackers? Business Networking used to be 100% Well, let me tell you something 14 years old, while we’re all locked down that business networking does not need to be 100% that we are 50% Social 50% business, and these people are here to establish funds and I know them for being Star Wars funds. Shrek is on the other hand, they’ve been banned. Not interested in Star Trek, but you know that that’s the glue that holds us together though that summer. That’s the glue that holds us together. That’s the glue that holds together the social bit, right because actually when it gets tough like in times like this, and it gets tough If the only motivation is money, it’s not enough. If however, the motivation is camaraderie, if the motivation is belonging to something bigger than it is, then you know, money is the secondary. And that’s what we’ve managed to do before networking, our primary focus was on members first get the members bit right and the money in the business follow. Most other form of business networks are about business, get the business right if you become friends. Now, when I started for network 50%, social 50% business 14 years ago, 14 years ago, right? Social networking, looking at social networking, social networking, on social networking, I was on this 14 years ago, and people said it was crazy. Now this 50% social business thing is fucking most, because like I say, it businesses like it once you’ve once you’ve done business with somebody. So what it’s actually waiting for, because as you start getting older, your friends start dying. Is that emigrating is that getting married, no longer playing out. And actually, your friendship will go smaller, smaller, smaller, but not before networking online. You know, it goes bigger and bigger and bigger. There’s people on here right now, who stayed at my house who got drunk, and we fell over, got into head locks, and told them I love them. Right? You know, over KFC,

his name’s not the pleasure yet, but

you’re more than welcome to join as soon as this comes back. By the way, this falls over, we’re having the biggest fuck off post COVID pie crust. I’m getting on my now was another four networkers and we’re having a big fuck off party, we’re going to get schooled, and we’re going to have KFC non vegetarian. Now, that’s from eight weeks ago, and I’m going to put you on the fucking headlock. You know, people, you know, we as a collective are stronger than me. And that works beautifully, more than ever before. When you’ve got 1000s of members around the UK, and you’ve got a phone in the form of me that doesn’t get the big one doesn’t load it around doesn’t do this. It says something that once again, you know, the old conventional way of being an MD is maybe the fucking three piece suit in a pocket watch and a five series outside walking on, say modern engineering with a broken briefcase. And actually, it’s just bollocks with our people. Every one of those sheets, every one of us farts. Everyone’s picked her nose and no one’s looking. Okay, not me, but you don’t say no, but you see what I’m saying? We’re all just humans. But what we’ve been doing is putting these business owners these business leaders on pedestals, Richard Branson, now Alan Sugar, fuck off, stop it, put yourself on a pedestal, you know, as I do. So I you know, in the greatest respect of God, as much respect for Richard Branson as they are for any single individual in this room, I treat everyone the same with respect to the people don’t like that. And if you believe it should, you know, be hooked, you’re talking to someone but the wrong person, go find someone else to do it. I’m not going stuff in caps. So I treat everyone the same with respect regardless of the status. And that’s exactly what I started done for fight for the underdog. It’s always been

a bunch of questions that I want to ask you. I also want to invite the people that have given up their time to show up and find out more about what this is all about. You know, if you’ve got a question for Brad, or for me, or you want us to chat about something, then please stick it in the in the group chat, we’ll get to it. Before we dive into the questions, a few questions from the pop up crew that they’ve sent us over the last couple of days, when they found out that we were going to have a chat. I’d love to get to you. But before we get there, I want to talk about the the online, the forehead online stuff, and we’ve put a link in the chat. Every everybody, every single person that’s been to pop up business school event should be clicking on that link and getting involved in your networking. And we’re going to send the link out. Because we’ve always said that we provide a really nice sort of nurturing spot for people to test their ideas and get them going. But we want people to get out into the big wide world and going in, you know, go in and make friends with and add value to and you know, chat to find out more about lots and lots of other businesses out there. And forend is the place to do it. What can people expect if they if they get involved in what you’re doing? You’re You’re spectacularly quick pivot weapons.

So this isn’t just to say this is 14 years of heritage isn’t a three week or businesses or 14 Year Two heritage it allows me to tell you that for networking stands up when I first started for network, you know, sat me box room in your underpants aggressively waiting for the phone to ring, I spent 600 quid on a yellow dot code at UK advert. Right? And actually, you know, then you’ve spent 600 quid because the salesperson says oh, you get 30 leads a month I’m thinking I’m gonna convert one of them and it pays for itself yet no fucking leads. You just saw the pop. We’ve got a lot of little squared on the fucking ticket website and on one visits, and it’s the kind of struggle you know when you’re new to business, you end up falling for the ship. And I end up falling for all these little scams. Draft adverts in magazines that are going nowhere and wasn’t getting this just all this shit you believe in. It’s like that, like crossing your fingers like a lottery ticket every time you do marketing. And I went along to these networking events and the best way to describe it was in political terms. The loonie left the hardcore right where, you know, newly left nothing quite happened. It was awfully nice shovelling involved once and it’s like a school disco. Everyone’s out on the outside waiting for somebody to have a dance. Hardcore, right. What is your leads? Where’s your referrals? You’ve got to attend. You’ve got to bring visitors gets a flock. So I’m thinking where’s the mainstream whereas the mainstream of business networking never existed, so I was a one man band marketing firm and I realised that I used to ban the phones right and I hate it. So just be quite clear didn’t enjoy cold calling whatsoever. So the way I used to do it is it also didn’t enjoy my wife picking me fucking I’d seen when the Mortgage Minute so it was worth the two evils I’d rather bring someone than have to deal with a wife squawking so I pick the phone up 10 987654321 Hey, Sam, Brad here from focus on Sure. We’re full service, new media creative designing. I’d love to see and eventually you did that. And I’ve got meetings, the new arranging for which time I don’t get me super cheap suit either dry cleaners. I’ve gone get me fucking rush covered me Jamaica packed down to the meat in half a mile away, get out the passenger seat because there’s in both for the fucking thing. I’d walk to the meat cheap suit and sell some stuff, some websites or whatever. And you’d have sometimes you’d go to these meetings and then two minutes into that meeting you recognise something that they can’t stand you knew cuts done then but don’t worry, we’ve got 15 minutes of bullshit to go. And actually that was the inefficient way of doing meetings and eventually get a fit and it was good. Now with for networking when I looked at these these networks, there was none Joe duck so I’ve got a PC here, no matter how powerful my laptop is. Right? I’d rather have one that was half as powerful plugged into the Internet than one that is twice as powerful not plugged into the Internet. Right? You know that you could use and instead that’s what I saw. I saw the opportunity and these networks were torn two groups the other ones you can’t go talk group can’t speak to the fucking Bridgewater group Bridgewater group cuts back to the Western shutdown. Like, that’s not what why can’t you join them up? Well, because competition is bad. Don’t get it. I’ve worked with people. And so it’s been sold as a port. So bottom line is started this for networking we had, I can say two to 50 groups a fortnight. And as a member, you could go anywhere, so you could go to Bradford’s, Scotland, Manchester, wherever you wanted as a member, no one had ever done that before. So that goes to support pretty much we put it on on ice, because this COVID thing, and then we created this phone and online. So tomorrow, I’m speaking for me, so it’s for an online doc base. And what we’ve done, we’ve changed the game, I’ve lowered the prices by 42% 42% lowered the prices by 42% lowered the meeting by I think to 53% or something like that, right we’ve lowered the prices because we’ve gotten mass market so what we do before networking 2019 99 to join for a month and you can go to as many networking meetings as you want online. So this using our for networking format, imagine that’s what we do. So the average numbers have been 25 all week. Next week we’ve got 60 groups running this week we’ve got 47 routes running last week when we launched it 36 pocket then new groups this thing is going off big time. So if you’re in business right now and you sat there waiting for your phone to ring or waiting for your email to happen why? You know at some point you are going to have to get stuck in and this is what I’d rather do it states here you might as well go out through a fucking headshot rather than like wound and so many business owners go man I need to save me money now. It’s a bit like fucking holding you back to save oxygen fucking eat and do it succeed. I fucking don’t want to say at the end of this time, you’re gonna have losers, big losers winners and big winners. And I’ll tell you something, the big winners are gonna be those ones who get stuck in now not the ones who wait for Richie Sunak to send them a fucking grant. So you know for networking online has changed the game complete that we are we are the global it the biggest fucking networking meetings

in the globe. And that’s after three weeks because no one’s ever done it before No one’s ever thought about doing it. Like we love we’ve done it. But the only reason you can do that is because an amazing team there’s lots of one here right now that I met in real life if I was Robert and nobody knew me, so I don’t want to do five networking. How are you going to find team members, little team members people that you know from around the UK that you met in real life you ain’t gonna so we are in a really luxurious position and what I will say about this COVID thing if it wasn’t for people dying, then you know I think this is a good thing for the world. I’ve got type two diabetes and the reason I got type two diabetes just because it was a silly dickhead. And I like jaffa cakes. You know nothing to do with thyroid, you know as much a lot to blame when we doubt it so hereditary. No, it’s not it’s fucking cakes. Right? I don’t know what’s happened is you have a situation where I’ve got type two diabetes. The world has got type two diabetes, we’ve just got too bloated and just overconsumption turn NASA I mean, no one gives a fuck next generation that deal with it. And I think that this whole COVID thing has given us a fresh agenda to look at this world and look at our time. You know, look at our time So previously, I was driving up and down the UK, visiting for networking meetings. The most I’ve ever done in one week is 30. I’ve drove 1200 Miles 600 pounds worth of hotels 400 pounds worth of fuel to do that made it happen now from the comfort of my own home. I can do for networking in 789 10 a day and so forth. Honestly a game changer absolute game changer. This is a bit where you speak to And we knew of B minus, I can party if you want, it starts. So let me say something else interesting. So this whole COVID situation is a, you know, is one of those ones where the worst days in my life 9095, second of January got shot out in Manchester. And actually, you could not have told me that that was a good thing. I was depressed, moved to Somerset and I was just, you know, wasn’t in a great place. And then see about some but what happened was this old situation was, it allowed me It allowed me to start again, I didn’t see it for about four or five years, but it allowed a fresh start. And this is what I’d say to you. I always ask this question wherever the shares the funding our lives, what does this make possible. And if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be standing out to the puppet, I wouldn’t be written all these books, I wouldn’t have met. So many people, so many lives have been impacted. My mom said to me, Christmas, we got drunk on a brand, which. And then she said to me, you know, use an accident, gone. Now it was an accident, I got pregnant, we need that word, right. And then your sister or your older brother is nine years old and new systems, eight years old, and everybody children, your dad is tired. And I got pregnant, I wasn’t sure if he was gonna keep me or not. And she said, I’m being honest with you. And I’m so glad I did. Because you ended up changing my life and you ended up going, changing my life and direction in their way that you gave me purpose. So I’m so glad that you although use an accident was a happy accident. And she said, look at the impact that you’ve had in this world that you’ve had as a result of that happy accident. Well, it’s your book, speaking to the fucking out. Now every one of us has got a story like that every one of us has got a story where, you know, you mentioned if this this world, when if I wouldn’t have been here, you’d been off for network. And if you don’t for books, if you don’t speak and if you don’t, like the world would have been a different place. Now, that’s my story. But the same goes for you. You’ve impacted on people as well. But it’s children and it’s family. But there’s people you’ve met people you’ve supported. And once you realise that, that whole part of your life that actually you’ve had an effect or you’ve been, you know, you’ve made a difference. It makes everything a whole lot easier to fucking to deal with.

Oh, yeah, I was just gonna ask you a couple of questions. One was about impact, I guess what was in my mind, we chatted about when we were messing about with this zoom thing earlier on, we chatted about a couple of members in your team. And whenever I tuned in, you’re always very gracious in your praise for the team that you work with. And I think you’re the wider team not necessarily the core group of foreign, you know, but what would you say? Like, there’s a lot of guys here that are watching this, and that will listen and watch this. tomorrow and beyond that will go well, I haven’t got a team. It’s just me on my own at the moment. What do you what’s? What do you say to those guys?

So what do you think I got my team, what do you say before there’s no cover? There’s no covering unless you create it. Right? Every single fucking one of my team, I did have a special fucking Cooper that they get them out of, you know, my co directors, were just people that I met. Every single co director on my team is someone that I just met for networking. So what is it? Do you reckon I’ve just got this challenge by inability, or maybe just maybe there’s some out there. And you can find like minded people to support you and your vision and what you’re trying to do while you support them in this. So you know, that’s, you know, well, well, I don’t have any investments to start a business we’ll leave it there. Right. Well, that’d be qualifications. We’ll leave it there. Why? I’ve got a face like a potato. I’ve got one of them. But you know, the thing is, this is like where people use excuses. Well, I’ve got to fucking 25 grand in debt delivered pizzas. aigua. So if I run the debt, delivered pizzas, deliver pizzas, no qualifications, addicted to drugs twice me dad left when I was six months old, fucking brought up and come to the States my mom brought me was a single parent and Adam for years and benefits on them deliver pizza. You know, shut up. So so so what’s your excuse? Like, you know, writing books. Well, I’m not got a degree in writing won’t leave Irvine. So we ended up finding that the reason it stops us from succeeding, it stops us from succeeding. I when I was unemployed, the the person at the dole office or whatever the benefits didn’t equal to job seekers from thing. She suggested to me that I start my own business off twice. Me start a business off. Well, like for kids, just a list about this is how you think about the world. And if you think like a dickhead, guess what, you’re gonna get good results. And actually, if you think about me as a young man, when I was 21 years old, I used to walk around with a scowl on my face, what you’re looking at so what you’re looking at, you’re looking at, you know, what the folks are about. But you do that because you think it protects you. And in business people do that as well. People have been shaped like business plans. Right? You must have a fucking foreword by JK Rowling, the work of fucking fiction, because you know the Recently I have a business political to the bank. Don’t get a lot of money, boys a fucking mess. You know, I’ve never ever been from the bank not a fucking shilling. From the bank, no grants, no fucking handouts. No fuck all I’ve done okay, you know why? Cuz you’ve got three things, ideas vision and belief. Right? That’s what you need. You need fucking belief. And if you ain’t got belief, right beyond a fucking flimsy piece of paper, a business plan, you thought, because somebody comes along like me who’s actually got belief, true belief to drive. I don’t care how clever your business doesn’t launch, you’re getting fucking done. So this is what people need to stop doing. People need to stop hiding behind this formal bullshit academia about what businesses businesses buying something for 50 Pence and sell it for a pound. And actually, that’s the simplicity of it. And people make it more complicated now actually is

Brad Terry Terry put a message in the chat. And it reminds me of a couple of other questions that we’ve had from the pop up crew over the last couple of days. So Terry was saying that he felt down today no exit strategy from the lockdown, but since reflected and decided that he’s planning more to run as soon as the lockdown ends and so on. We’ve got a few other people go, you know, my Mojo is affected. I don’t feel motivated at the moment. I’m worried and, or maybe they if they did have a belief, then what they’re doing is they’re self sabotaging that self belief, right?

So this is a tough time for anyone. Okay, tough time for anyone. I got a friend of mine who’s a boxer, a professional boxer. And if I punched him as hard as I could in the face, he would laugh at me, like jiggler my hand would break and you’d love for me genuinely up. You know you’d love go. Right? If you punched me in the face, I’d be on the phones rolling around blood everywhere. Now, as my friend is suddenly told you and punched in the face. He laughed snore. I’m serious. He said 10,000 times. Now the first time you get punched in the face, it’s like, you know, oh my god. Oh my god. 10,000 times it’s like fucking okay, I’ve been pumping now need to move out the way. And that’s the same principle with business. The first time you get punched in the fucking mouth, it’s devastating the first time you get ripped off devastated the first time somebody was once a friend to a job devastating. The fucking 10th time it happens. It’s just the 10th time it happens. So let me ask you a question to every single individual that is on here right now. Okay, three questions that are going to kind of put this in perspective about this COVID Chip. One, are you going to fucking starve to death? No. Two, are you going to lose your house or mortgage? No. Might you get snotty letter from a landlord or the fucking bank? Yes, but guess what? It’s just not the letter. When I get stuff from the bank or whatever. I got a letter from the bank. When my wife gets a letter from the bank. She we’re gonna lose the house. Right before? Okay, you know, six months. So the third one are you going to die to COVID-19 Now as long as you are fucking Washington’s and behave yourself and don’t go out. Don’t be fucking stupid, then you’re not going to die. So one you’re not going to starve to death to you know, lose your property. Three. You’re not going to die. Let me tell you something. There’s someone in the fucking ICU right now. Bite your fucking hand off your position. So don’t you fucking dare start feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t you dare start going oh, yeah, shut the fuck up. And put it in perspective. Right? There’d be someone who’d be fucking struggling to breathe right now. That is can’t get a ventilator. On you’ve got a problem with an invoice and he’s paid in two weeks. So stop it. Right? It’s a bit wrong, but stop it. Because this is what you need to do. What do you say this is a warzone right now. And you need to start once again. Stop thinking about us to be able six weeks ago, we had a contract for 180 grand you did? You know 20 years ago the fucking hair, you know and it’s like, you can sit there which we talked about when it used to be you know, I’ve heard an ABS but never got to by the way never got the six pack. So another conversation. There’s still time there’s still time. That is not made because you know why? Because I like pizza too much. And that’s the fucking thing. See, I can sit there all day long going you know what, I’d love to have ABS listen to look at it. Most of the fitness magazines are concerned. I’m saying I like pizza too much and life’s about choices. Life is about choices. If you don’t want to fucking have your own business and go through the shit that we’re going through right now go and get a job. Good luck with that, you know, because if you think you’ve got problems right now try being fucking furloughed as a member of staff teaching so you put this in perspective running your own business you know exactly what you’re asking get fucking used to it, but you’re not going to starve to death.

Well, I think if there’s a long list of excuses, they just evaporated.

But the thing is, I used to be that guy. I used to be that guy. So look at me, right? So one side of the paper Bradburn former drug addict four years of benefits fucking dot shot up addicted to drugs twice no qualifications, talking brought up on council steaks. Tom Bradburn, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, Father businessman. You know what the fuck? What changed from that fucking dickhead to this one? What changed? What changed that say what changed it I realised that I was waiting for the sky daddy. Also for kids who want to knock on the door bell thing don’t do it or put this big bag of 50 pound notes in the fucking opportunity. I was waiting for that genuine waiting for somebody when the ship comes in. He shipping for key coming in from me sit there all day long waiting for your ship to come in. You’d be waiting like, oh, it’s fucking ready ain’t coming in. So you’ve got to go make it happen and that’s what I’m talking about making it happen. I started

with I guess a links question was a slightly different angle. So Teresa from the pop up crew asked the question about moments of self doubt weakness, and I think you know that thing where you go, you look at other people doing business and you think, yeah, they they’re, they’re, they’re doing it better than me. There’s already lots of people doing what I do. And that you know, that thing where we compare ourselves to other people may do that for a second.

So is where people go wrong, right. So if you think about a scale of one to 1010 being appear, Alan Sugar, right for King Richard Branson, Grant Cardone Anthony Robbins, and then you’re here, no one looking at. I’d love to be like Grant Cardone. Let’s see without Richard Branson, let’s just shut the fuck up. Right? Absolute nonsense. Right? You never gonna be them? And actually, do you want a private island because let me tell you something. I’ve been on a private island. I’ve been on a private island, but it was private. So 7000 People got off the fucking chip, right? Which is like every other beat you’ve ever been to. But so the whole thing about this concert, something when we end up comparing our lives to the people. Look at Richard Branson. Shut up, compare your life to your life. So my life breath, the guy he was he was addicted to drugs than in the fucking masonary chipper to me now. Like, when does it end? Because we end up in our lives going on, we’ll actually be good want to get a 40s television that is 60 then an 80, then 100 Then you want a fucking 100 inch curved then you want a fucking 40 foot cinema screen. And we’ll actually be happy when they get married when they get a baby. When we get a new house, we’ll get a new job and get a contract. And you spend your fucking life chasing this bullshit that you’re never going to reach. Right? Right now people you’ve got something that someone in a fucking hospital ward doesn’t have. Right? Seriously, fucking stop being thankful for what you’ve got. Look around your look around those people around you look around channels. Look about the fact you’ve got a heating look at about the fact you’ve got a bed. Look at the fact you’ve got windows, look at the fact and be thankful for what you’ve got. So stop comparing your life to other fucking people compare your life to your life. Back. That’s what you can do. So if I was to look at me now and Richard Branson, that’d be like a three out of 10 on their scale or two out of 10. But me compared to Brad Burton, the former drug addict, it was a one or two attempts. So I walked around in your mind’s eye like a fucking set in your mind’s eye. What wrong shoulders back? Because I’m confident. Okay, I used to be in fucking classes days and achieve what I’ve done. I’m confident. But if I compare myself to Richard Branson, Hello, sir. Fuck off. Nonsense.

Harry feels like her dad’s having a go at her. I feel like she’s getting motivated, though. And she wants to know, why did you get shot up? Did you want to answer that? Move on? No.

It’s not a great story. You know, I could come up with some bullshit romantic vision about lucky me fighting back against some drug dealers or whatever. But no, it was it was not a nice pleasant story and reading chapter to get off your ass. But because it’s just not, it’ll just bring the tongue down completely, but not on our story at all, in any way or form. No good came from it. But it’s one of those ones where every single secret or skeleton that I’ve got in my cupboard, right? Every single one of them is in these books, there is nothing that the male online can print about me that I can say, I wrote about that, in 2016 wrote about in 2014. So I’ve done that on purpose. So that, you know, if it happens, if you end up going mainstream, which is TV companies talking to the stuff, then there’s no one’s got any longer because I’ve been really honest about everything in my background. So by all means, if you want to read it. In fact, if you’re on Spotify, go and find it Get off your ass to to double, it’s on Spotify, and the audio books, read them about 10 years ago. And you can get a free version of that book, listen to chapter two, and you’ll hear why I got shut up.

You put the links in the post when we stick it on our website. So on the pop up business school website, we’re going to post this video its entirety, we’re going to chop it up into little bits as well and share bits with you browser if you want to use them. On that guy, we’ve we’re adding content every single day. And it’s designed to support people in money, mental health stuff, business stuff is a whole bunch of stuff going through there. So that’s where we’re gonna put this. And we’ll put the links to the books and the links to the foreign online website on there as well. And the question that was in my mind, though, just based on what you said, was, I wonder, was there a mentor? Was there someone that said something to you that changed everything? Or is it? Did you just get there through grit and determination? What happens in those early days? There’s a point to the question, you’ll say,

No, I get it. So there’s lots of things that sensitives that have changed my life. I don’t mean prison sentences, but sentences that have changed my life. When I was 27 year old. One of my mentors, my original mentor, he said to me, is a millionaire business guy, six foot five Porky Pig long tattoos on his hands but you actually go to Boston and stuff. And he’s actually gotten legitimised businesses like proper legitimise PLC businesses and stuff. And they took me under his wing. And his words, were you either going to be an amazing success or in a gutter on drugs. So he said to me, and he said to me, he said, You do realise Brad, become a broken bread grenade, Brad grenade. And we used to go out to these private member’s club and you’d like Bible drinks, 800 quid a night, 15 quid, and I’m like fucking skin. And I’m going out with these guys. And it’s like, fucking, she’s amazing. Like Soho House private members clubs, like with TV stars and stuff. And this was made I put a cheap suit. And I just like, wow, this is amazing. And he said to me said, You do realise it can be a bracket broken aid? And what’s that about? He said, You do realise that, you know, like, for what you do? And he said, You do realise what a complete fucking nut job you come across, that’s what you’re about. He said, You’ve got no idea that you come across as a complete fucking, and the ball went, mate, what are you talking about? I need like, What the fuck? And it’s a bit like sensory fish. What’s the water, like, the fish is what fucking water. You know, I had no idea that I was this guy was just me being me. And then he said to me, CJ, he said, what I do for you, Brad, is I throw you into rooms full of strangers, and you end up getting them all talking within like fucking 10 minutes and our best mates and our fucking more partying the up to four o’clock in the morning. And that’s what I used to do. He used to send me to people, business owners that he wanted to work with. And I didn’t realise I was chatting them up or whatever. And that was the kind of first indication that actually maybe that’s what my skill was, was bringing people together people, you know, managing so because I’ve got no filter manager to effectively take down get ads off people. And as long as it wasn’t nefarious circumstances that you’re trying to tell guards, but I was good with it. And then the other thing that I was really good at was, was creating communities online, used to do computer game forums, and he used to own them and go on to him. And within two or three days, it was like mine. And then. So it was that it was that whole can we obviously building communities and building something out of nothing. But sentences that changed my life. Yeah, my wife said to me, we’re nearly at the divorce. Eight years ago, she said to me, was in a big push off, and a crane. So whatever, eight years or 39, and we had a crane, and they were divorced loqbox. And she said to me, she said, Oh, I understand how we got here. I understand how we got here. It’s a great line. Because actually what she should have said Is he about to fork off. But she didn’t. She said, I understand how we got here. And that sentence changed my life. Because I didn’t understand I didn’t have any comprehension, how it ended up where it was, in real life with this horrible, twisted up fucked up situation. And it’s like that in life in the business. You know, people don’t realise how they end up in the shittiest situations, because of decisions that they’ve made not a thing that you know, the dad did when he was 12 year old, or fucking some owner school, you know, this is down to you decisions. And once you kind of switch that way you end up in your life and your businesses and therapists or your decisions, you’ll start making better decisions faster, which is my core, fucking cornerstone of everything I teach, make better decisions faster, and I can help people make decisions like that, no matter how difficult and traumatic it is.

You know, the thought that was going through my head just just as you were speaking then was you know, all the experience that you’ve got right now, there’s a whole bunch of people that that are engaging with us on pop up that are at home, job at risk, furloughed at best or working

in fields for kinase fucking best it’s honestly the greatest soft landing not to man filled with anyone who set their fucking own different got a job when a Go about your fucking idiot. Use this time to start a fucking business off of folks out. It’s like the greatest gift ever. Like these like fucking not religious but it’s like God’s fucking message to say sorry, fucking out.

Yeah, that’s the moment isn’t it? You won’t get another moment like this, I guess? What if, what if you’re someone that’s never run a business before? You know that thing where you go, what you were saying about you know, you’re waiting for business to come to you. And it’s I think many of us have been through that. It’s that I went through that stuff in 2003 to about 2005 I’m still waiting for the yacht and the Ferrari to turn up and never showed up. And what what advice would you give to someone? What would you say to someone right now because I, when I watched your show reel and we’ve chatted before, I always come out of those conversations for like, I don’t know what I’ve been doing my life I need to get on with it. You know, what was what’s a proud moment of, you know, a nugget that you can deliver to people right now that are struggling to, you know, we haven’t got the same pressure that you’ve got at work when you’re working for someone else. There’s no boss breathing down your neck, you know, the message.

Okay, so this is my motivation if it was left to me, right, if it was left to me all I do just sit there smoking bombs all weekend, right? That’s the reality of it. So my children came along, and all of a sudden, it was no longer about me anymore. And that’s what you got to find. You’ve got to find something that is greater than you and if your only motivation is more They’re all gonna tell it to your life and get a jet. Well, you ain’t getting a fucking jet even rather than right fucking give it up. Right? So So but what you can do is you can fucking sort your life out and actually ask yourself the question, what decisions have I got to make right now? So in a year’s time, I’m going to be happier. And don’t do that, because I’m telling you, people will be waiting and waiting and waiting. I was 31 or whatever it was to eat all before we decided to set control. And I’ve never won started this as it been tough. Yeah. You know, is it as tough as somebody going through furloughing now, probably. But once again, you know, put it in perspective, any kind of adversity that you’ve ever overcome in your life, no matter what it is, I need you to put it in as a as effectively a way of bullshitting. So I’ll give an example. So if you’ve got a bill going out in three weeks time, or you mortgages in two weeks time, you’ve got no fucking money. If I was to ask you on a scale of one to 10, what would you rate that as a problem? You know, let’s say you say it’s an eight. Okay. Then what about if I got two guys from Salford to put a death threat on your put your bullets? Do you fucking window and threaten to chop off with a machete? You’re a is that still an eight? Is it, I just think I might have moved on a little. So the point I’m making is it kind of allows you to recalibrate your fucking panic needle. So put it in perspective, right? Like, honestly, is there anyone in this room will do swap swap places with someone who’s in an ICU who’s a millionaire? By on a fucking ventilator? You know, fucking hardcore, but I’m saying it’s like nobody on that basis. So therefore, someone in a ventilator would swap financial position with you to get themselves off that. So this is what I’m trying to say that this we’ve got life is that the biggest fucking computer game known to man, you can do what you want, right? He got a gun jumping up and jumping over the fence, you can do that. If you were born fucking as someone out for a date and they blow you out. You can go dude, if you’re gonna get married after meeting someone for two days, you can go do really well in this world. But what we’ve ended up doing, we’ve been up conforming and going over you need to date somebody for fucking three years. First thing get engaged. Okay, that won’t get made after two weeks. Okay? And if that is your life, you know, there’s no Haynes manual about what life should be. And actually, just because what works for me in my life doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna work for you or your life or whatever. Live your life the way that you want to do it. And I’ll tell you something right now, right? You know, I retired when I was 42. Fucking retired. I lasted three months of playing PlayStation games or going to the gym, right? We need to belong we need to do something with our life and have purpose. Now if you’re you know, when you’re a kid, you’re a ballerina. Or fucking train driver, and somewhere along the way you’re doing fucking 15 years and the council job open you get fucking furloughed or be made redundant in some shit job as you get older, older and older and you don’t want to leave because you’ve got 15 years of redundancy. So now you’re now doing 25 years and hopefully you’re gonna get fucksakes No fucking no dragon. You know this is that this is what people seem to think people seem to think that death occurs to everyone else. People seem to think that fucking look at everyone else. There’s no luck involved in any of the shit. Do you reckon it’s been fucking lucky that I’ve been duped with a fucking 1000 pound fucking picture behind me. Now bear in mind, I didn’t buy 1000 topics use for key bought as a lot of people put money to move.

But the point I’m making that happened as a result of getting shut up. That happened as a result of starting a business off the happening of delivering pizzas that happened as a result of me not being a truck. So there’s all these factors that are sought that way you might in your life right now, but don’t beat yourself up. Because you didn’t know any better. I didn’t I thought it was living okay, we’re living in we’re making it We’re big fucking seller. And it was only when I realised that actually what I wasn’t doing I was confusing, fun with happy so you know, I went to create example of this. So I went to IKEA one room in your house that was like a macular Marsay immaculate and a big Telly in there like a bed sit upstairs in a two bedroom ESnet the rest of the shit. All right. So I remember going to IKEA and working on IKEA. And actually, I am picked up a lamp turned over the labels 65 quid final pay 65 quid for fucking love gets a fork. And then that evening, but he couldn’t cocaine walk woke up the next day, the OCD shitshow and then we’ve got the lump. And that was indicative of my life because of what was doing this everything was short term. And the reason it was shorter, let me just follow it back. The reason it was short term is because when you’ve been shut up, and you’re told you’re going to get killed, you’re living everyday like he should last you didn’t say so you’re not thinking about fucking five years time or what are you gonna do for your pension, frickin scheme? You thinking? How could I get some alcohol to get away from this pain and fear. And now before you know it in five years on the actual fear is still the threats going away. The fear is no longer there. But the drinking is and you end up creating this like this fucking thing that you kind of forget where you intended to be. Because now you’re masking, you forgot that you’ve changed your life. And now you’re still behaving like a fucking idiot because of these things. And I’ll tell you something, it is down to decisions where you wind up in your life decisions and the reason we don’t make decisions in our life is we’re scared in the wrong ones or Don’t get getting fucking abused at home or don’t know me because I’m out of find anyone else what the fuck it doesn’t get any better. You know you’re going to shit job that you know it really trust me in a magic each way fucking better. So at some point unless you decide to change and make decisions, brave decisions because the longer you run, the weaker you become. So you have an opportunity right now with the rest of your life to the world. Let the fucking clock run down. And it is up and down. Because here’s the thing. This it goes one fucking way people I can’t put extra time on it, like come with a fucking thing. He goes one way, you were the youngest that you’re ever going to be right now. Right? He never gonna have any more time. So as that time starts going down, it becomes more valuable. When you’re a kid you can fucking live in for 100. But then the 90 You know, every day is more precious yet nothing’s changed. That’s still a day’s a day. Because you’ve got less of them. It’s now more valuable. So I think this is what goes on. So I say to people make the decision to start a fucking business are off right now. If you’re furloughed right now, right? You furloughed fucking make the decision to start a business off. Because here’s the thing. What I did years ago is I had a situation where, again, I was on let’s say, for the sake of this conversation 30 grand a year live and work in London. So when we Diggs over there, which is 400 pound a month, and now down to whatever fucking down to So what’s that? 44248 But so now down to 25 grand when we fix plus, we travel costs are now down to 23 grand plus me food, ask them away and down to 18 grand. So I’m telling people when I’m out there, I want 30 grand. The reality is there are 18 grants from flipping fucking hamburgers over at Western Superman. So when you start taking out your travel cost as well and your travel time, but you commute to work a day for an hour, they’re an hour back, that’s two hours, that’s 10 hours a week, that’s 40 hours a month. So now take your 18 grand then take the 40 hours. And all of a sudden you think okay I need to do is to be on 12 runs stay at home, and I was actually waiting. So 12 times 1000 pounds. Why do we do 250 A week? I’ve got the 40 quid a day. I don’t do 40 quid a day. And these are the kind of moves you need to do. But what ends up happening is people start going to fucking dickheads like Grant cardones fucking place then in the morning. We’ve not got seen fucking jets and Snoop Dogg. We think you’ve somehow along the way that this is success. You got a fucking deadline yet. And that’s the way that you need to be as a business owner. No you don’t is here. This is where your business starts. This is where it fucking fails. And it’s down to getting that right.

Right. You always got this much energy. This is the I just the reason I’m not being flippant. I’m saying what’s the thing that gets you fired up the most like Vicki’s nodding their head going Yeah, yeah, he’s always like this. What’s the thing that gets you fired up? And what’s the what’s behind that?

Fuckin injustice, injustice. I fucking love fighting injustice. I love fighting fucking people who are pulling in focus. Love it. And this is where I’m at right now I’ve got a mission and my mission was to change the way that business networking was done, tick done. My mission was to change the way that business books were written on tick. My mission was to become a motivational speaker and actually all these fucking clowns that are selling bullshit bullshit courses to fucking people that can afford it sell them certainty was to go after those four because well that’s next on the list. And I’m telling you that’s my motivation. I’ve got everything that I want for every material thing that I want everything like genuinely even down to me fucking nothing simmba Lego state it

carry doesn’t think you breeze which I love. You’ve gone for Lego. Look at that. There we go.

1978 Proper so yeah, the reality is this thing. The reality is I’ve got every material thing that I want everything right? And it comes to the point now is that I tell do I live in a lot of money so I can get some fucking gold taps is going on. So my motivation is to make a positive difference to other people. That’s what it’s about actually giving people strength to go you know, what if a six won’t like me can do Okay, and so can you write because this is what I’m saying? Forget what you’ve been told. Over the doctor degree degrees made up by someone clever. So clever. So this is the fucking degree. I’ll give you a fucking degree, the degree the University of breath. You’ve just fucking out passed out brilliant. Get a certificate fucking save yourself five grand. She said you don’t need this shit. What you need to do stop talking about fucking doing it and do it. Some say I could have I would have I should have fucking get on with it or stop talking about it and be honest about it. So in terms of energy, I’ve always got it. I don’t fucking know. But this is maybe what I talked about, about this guy. When Alan said to me, you know, you realise you come across them. But no, no.

I said you’re right. Let that kind of questions and I think we should wrap that up very generous with your time is two things I wanted to cover and then Jack’s gonna stick a link to the pop up Business School Survival Guide in there. Hopefully there’s some stuff that will be useful and that’s where we’re going to post this video and a few bits of content from it to the things that were in my mind where I’ve got a question about vision cuz that was one of the three things that you said you had. I’m interested to know how you do that. And I’ve got a question for you about, about the public speaking and motivational speaking that people are interested in, in your approach to it and what you’ve learned and maybe one or two tips on that. So sure, where they want to go first vision,

whatever, Mr. Just a quick Welcome, guys, if you are on Youtube, do follow me on Bradburn. I’ve got a YouTube account trying to push that hard. And there’s loads of new content on there. So please look at it and YouTube account. Sorry, big goal. So it’s an almost question. Yeah. So

let’s talk about visions. It’s a couple of questions. One, I think we got asked by Halima. Halima was really interested to know, what was the number one question that that you asked yourself? And there’s another couple of comments about, you know, spotting opportunities. How do you spot them? You know, how do you know what the hidden ones, you know? And how does your vision you know,

so they never hidden? They’re always in front of you, you just walk by signposts. So when I got offered, you know, the Dole, woman, whatever benefits office, job seekers, I said, start a business off me. Right. The signposts have always been there. Maybe somebody said to me, Brad, there’s an opportunity now, but I can walk past it. If it was the right one, I’ll take it. So it’s just a case of opening your eyes, the opportunities that are out there right now, the fact that you’ve contacted me right now, the fact that you were on here now means is an opportunity now, where some people will go will go, Hi, Brad, just reaching out for you. Yeah, could you help me move business? No account? Right, you know, no account because the greatest respect what department is I get swamped with people saying, Can you help me with business? And I’ll say to them, say I’ll do me a favour, go and buy one with books, read it, and then come back to me. Yeah, I’ll do that. But they don’t buy the book. They don’t come back to me. It’s fucking great. It’s like the greatest way if you count the hours reading a book, right that I spent looking at my train that can’t be I spent 10 minutes on the phone. It’s not me being rude is that over the years of learning this because I used to get drafted the reason I unravelled years ago was I spent so much fucking time Why could it was asked to help everyone else. It’s like, you know, I used to give me less pumps, a big issue salesman. So not being disingenuous, you know, people want to be mentioned, it’s a different ballgame. But when it comes to vision, what you need to understand is where ultimately do you want to be? Right? What are the steps to get there, because even if you lose your way, as long as you never lose sight of the destination, you’ll always get there. So that’s what your vision needs to be. But if you only want it motivation is money in the reason that people have visions, vision boards, and fucking cork boards, garbage as far as I’m concerned. But vision boards or cork boards with fucking you know, Gucci slippers in there, and fucking Lamborghinis and fucking twin staircases and just shout that that is because people don’t know when you think about that. Like, I’ve got a five bedroom house. I’ve got one room that don’t go in. And actually if I bought a 10 bedroom house, which is one of my dreams, I wanted a fucking six rooms don’t worry. Like what the fuck is going on? Window chasing the stuff that you don’t really want? Because you’ve seen it on Instagram. You know what a 40,000 pound watch but the fuck? I’ve got no fucking jewellery, none whatsoever. You know, tripping now what band, but it’s about vision, you need to understand why and if your only motivation is not his money, it’s not enough. So I need you to have a vision that is solid, clear, clarity, but also understand that it’s about in my view, it was about taking the children to Disney World. Right. That’s what I promised my kids when I was delivering pizza. It’s a tech and so as long as you that’s that’s what you need, you need some vision. Money is it as a goal isn’t enough? You need to have a purpose. What are you can do with that money? In my case set the kids to Disney World and also mom private healthcare.

Yeah. Hey, for that one. So look, one last question for me. And then I think we should wrap up and

and the questions I could answer the question too much. Good.

Yeah. The question a question about tips for public speaking. I know there’s a lot of people that are in this group in the room now that do speaking that want to do more speaking, you know, give us a couple of the nuggets that you think would help.

So I’ve got a training day if you’re interested email pepper outbred boot and dot basic I remember the days but I’m doing a zoom B speaker event was an all day event with me whatever binary so tips wise from speaking. You can’t skip the steps, right? You get people come up to me. Oh, Brad, I want to I want to be a speaker and I want to speak on the stage like you do. And it’s like, okay, and I want to you know, I want to be the UFC Heavyweight Champion. So I’m really looking forward to going for the title chop it people get it all fucked up. They think you know, just because you couldn’t Jimmy look this bottle of empty bag. There’s a world of difference between actually opening and going to UFC octagon and that’s what I say to people. I said just because you’ve got a good story and people said other people say I’ve got a story that needs to be heard by who you know, by who well people will change people’s lives Okay, we’re gonna do by Well, you know, how do I get speaking gigs? I’ve been told I can pay five grand that nonsense. What you got to do is you’ve got to start small. Right? Start small concentrate on the small picture and the big picture will pay it Self. So many people have got this big idea about what their fucking life should be like now, for me, I’ve spoken over 2000 times in public 2000 times no training whatsoever. And the amount of times that I’ve died on stage, like literally 45 minutes of speaking and you 20 minutes in, you’ve got nothing, nobody’s getting started and you start getting stage fright and you’ve lost, the mouse starts getting dry. And, and you’ve got to be prepared to do that. So rather, people died in a small show, when he’s supposed to be like, 40 people in the audience, there’s only seven people sat around board, that’s when you’ve got a practice. And people don’t want to do that. People don’t want to do that people don’t want to do speak 2000 times, they just want to go straight to the top. So you know, I’ve got clients JTB Costa Bendtner, these guys, do you reckon that if I were to follow up day one and said I burn, you know, I’ve got a story that really needs to be told, can you hire man, we’re dragging them to set sounds interesting, send me some stuff, don’t get back to you. As you happen, they found me. So this is what you need to do. You need to create the conditions where people find you, rather than you finding them, which is you know, and it’s all easy to get booked for costume when you’ve been booked by JCB. But the way that you could do this with any speaking career is you can’t speak in front of a mirror talking to a mirror, that’s a fail, talking to the wife or husband, they just start laughing, you won’t have an argument. But and so you know, this whole thing, you have to start somewhere, start speaking at networking events, start speaking, any events that you can do, and do it for free until such a time when actually somebody offers you some money, at which point, now you know that you’re ready to roll a Be yourself. Be yourself. People are so you know, looking at what other speakers are, you know, there’s a guy out there not even giving his name, but you know, it’s copying my style. It’s like, oh, right, you know, it’s just like he, he just looks at fucking swam in the same way. If I try to be posh girl, stop being you in each speaking Korean if people don’t like you for being you next.

Beautiful, Brad, look, I think is there anything else that you want to share with everybody, whilst we’ve got you, we’ve got the YouTube link in there. I think one of the guys are posted that we’ve got the link to foreign looking online. We’ve got that in there. I want to say thanks very much. I feel like I feel like you know, that moment when you when you stick your head out the window and you’re in the backseat of the car and the cars didn’t look, you know, 90 miles an hour, I feel like we’ve all had a wind blast of Brad and I think, you know, this is exactly the sort of stuff that we need. It’s a sense of urgency that which when, when we’re in these bubbles in our houses, and this really weird time that we’re in, you know, just just reigniting the flame and a sense of urgency. And that’s the bit for this. So thanks so much. If you’re good

if you’re if you’re on Twitter or anything, find me on all social people and just follow me, Carrie Barton actually thought was my wife because my wife’s got Carrie Burton, and we’re looking at okay, she’s on. So Carrie Barton said this a fake it until you make it? Or would you have another saying I do, actually, as you’d expect. Mine is this if you can do the job, you’re qualified. When it comes to running a multi million pound business, I can do a job I’m qualified when it comes to writing books. I can do the job and qualified when it comes to motivational speaker at the highest level that can do the job and qualified and this is what you need to do. You do not need permission from me or any single person on a degree or a piece of paper or you know, a certificate in order to do what you’re going to do. Bosh. And I’m sorry for them all to be that that’s terrible, terrible.

Well, there’s, there’s people here from four different countries, the ones that I know about, and, you know, shout out to those that have joined us and everybody else that’s on this. And I think the exciting thing, of course, is that we’re not with the forehead online stuff, you’re not limited to the meetings anymore, that global baby and it’s quickly

and that’s the thing, and that’s the thing with it. That’s the thing with with this whole look at this. And this is my early childhood. But now the thing is when it please do check out this for an online dot biz, I mean, genuinely five pounds, so six euros, or whatever it is to try and meet, you can visit twice. And then like I say we’ve lowered the price by 42%. Though the meeting cost by 53%. I think the figures is, you know, we’ve just like this is going to go mass market out. I’m gonna give you a quote right now that you can look back on this time, but I’m on CNN and you could go fuck now you could say that. We are going to be regarded as the Facebook of business networking. My words, the Facebook of business network, and you heard it first. And when it happens in three years time, but now actually for networking online is being picked up for a billion million quids. And you see me there, wiping me out with 50 pound ops and doing Donald’s in a Lamborghini. And you can say I remember that was that was for the bingo Massey, by the way, I put that in there. But No, I’m joking. But But I do believe that we will become the Facebook of our business network. And I really do truly I think we’re onto something and we’re on a curve and it’s really is that the hottest ticket right now is the thing that that people are all talking about.

Brad, I wish you the best of luck with it. I know we’re gonna have a conversation about how we can link Pop Up business school stuff to what you’re doing? Yeah, we’re launching free online courses. We’ve got three plans for the next couple of weeks, about five weeks time. And there’s gonna be a load more and I’m sure there’s something else that we can do there and provide opportunities for people to, to make business friends. And

I could say that is such an obvious fit for us. And you’d be most welcome. Let me get you on a meeting next week. Caroline, can you get Simon on to meet him? Please? came up to me. There you go. And now can you get him on to a meeting as well you got your meeting as well. So it’s a couple of people are going to get a hold of you get your autonomy, and I’ll leave him with the first ones. He doesn’t pay the six quid for the first one. The second one you can pay the fucking six quid.

Everyday I’m hustling, like are paying. I’m paying this fine. I mean, can’t be I mean the guy Good, good. Good. You can say yeah, nice one. Look, I’d thanks very much. It’s been one hell of a week. Enjoy your weekend, put your feet up Have a rest or maybe there’s still stuff to do. But everybody thank you so much for joining us. We’re gonna post the video and apologies again for the start where we had a little bit of a thing with the thing and the thing, but that was all sorted and we jumped on and that’s brilliant. Thank you so much everybody for taking part. And again say

it’s a bit by