Celebrate Your Success

Rebel presents their new Monday Motivation series where Co-Founder Alan Donegan gives you a new motivating tip to get you through the work week. This week, Alan teaches you a rule he uses which helps him get any task done efficiently.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


You want to stay motivated. You want to have energy every day, you want to be able to keep going when others around you are falling off. One of the things that I have realised is that celebrating the successes as you go is important. Now, this video, Monday morning motivation is as much for me as it is for you. Because sometimes I forget to celebrate the successes. I land a new client, we do another piece of business, we get to 1000 YouTube subscribers. I don’t always celebrate the successes. But you know, what if I take the time to celebrate the successes, and remember that I’m making progress every day, it motivates me to do more. If I can see the progress, if I can celebrate the success, then I’ll make more progress. So how do you celebrate success? Well, that’s up to you. Because one person celebration is another person’s hell. For me, it’s jumping around a flat. It’s saying coaching when a customer comes in, it’s watching a movie, it’s going to the cinema, it’s talking to friends, it’s having coffee, it’s taking time for myself. It’s acknowledging that I am making progress. So what I want you to do is take time to celebrate success. So this Monday morning, what I would love you to do is sit there for 10 minutes and think about all the successes you’ve had. Maybe there’s only five minutes. Think of the things you’ve achieved last week, the successes you’ve had, and feel that energy in the progress you’ve made, and then use that energy to launch yourself into the next week.