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Iulia Costinescu – Golden Branch Virtual Assistant

Golden Branch Virtual Assistant

Where it all started

After 7 years supporting businesses and constantly looking for my niche in the employed and self-employed markets, I discovered my passion for assisting impact-driven businesses with their marketing and growth. I knew the importance of having a business brand and voice, as well as correctly using social media, email marketing and audience engagement.

While I was unemployed and working out my next step, I undertook some social media training with TechPixies. This massively helped with my mindset and confidence and I realised how much potential I have for supporting others with social media.

Two months later, I attended the online PopUp Business School *new name?* course which changed everything and kickstarted my small business idea. Golden Branch VA was officially launched online and on social media in June 2020.
The course showed me that it is possible to work for myself and to do it well, but most importantly, that there is so much more potential for me in 2021.
Iulia Costinescu
Golden Branch Virtual Assistant

Key Achievements

In my first six months of business, I had six different projects and clients and I had three clients secured for January 2021 before the end of 2020.

The course also provided me with amazing, life-long friendships with a group of female business owners.

Business Learnings

It’s been a rollercoaster!

As a Virtual Assistant and a freelancer in general, you need to have self-discipline, tenacity and be organised. Setting boundaries with clients is vital to prevent ‘out-of-hours’ requests, as no one wants to be getting ‘Can you do this for me?’ calls at 11 o’clock at night!

I have also learnt that I need to be unafraid to put myself forward and continuously network for work; you never know where you will find the next client.

Future Goals

I’m working towards doubling the projects and scaling my business with an associate / partner. Outsourcing work will benefit both my clients and my family.

I am extremely passionate about giving back and helping others in need, through social investment and donations, so the more my company makes, the more impact I can have on the world!


Feel free to ask any questions regarding my services/packages or about online tools to remove the overwhelm in your business and help with your business growth.