Are you 14 - 19 or do you work with people who are?

This November Cardiff Youth Service are working with Rebel Business School to help teenagers across Cardiff to experiment with business ideas.

We need to think about business differently. We need to Think Like a Rebel.

Ever thought about making your own money doing what you want?

Imagine if you could take an idea and start earning cash. But how do you get started – and then keep it going?
This November, we want you to Think Like a Rebel with a week of testing your ideas and seeing what you can make happen.


What does it mean to Think like a Rebel?

Forget business plans, don’t even think about scary loans. This isn’t Dragon’s Den, this is real life.
Through information, inspiration, and practical help we will help you to try your ideas and to experiment with business to see if you can make money doing what you want.

No idea is too big, too small, or too adventurous. It’s not our job to tell you if your business will work or not, but we can find out together by testing the idea and make some money along the way.


How will we do this?

From the 8th November 2021, Think Like a Rebel Week will include a series of LIVE and ONLINE sessions across the cities to test your ideas.



Think Like A Rebel Live Schedule

Links for each session will be posted here and sessions will be recorded and posted on this page.

Monday 8th November 

10am Think Like a Rebel Launch

11am How to get an idea and get started

12pm Entrepreneur Showcase

7pm How to get paid for gaming


Tuesday 9th November

11am How to make a difference in the World with Maddie Booth and Luke Netherclift

12pm Entrepreneur Showcase

1pm Making money for creatives with Ella Quinn 

7pm How to make your own clothing brand with Alexei Hamblin

8pm Thinking of launching something? LIVE Q&A


Wednesday 10th November 

10am How to get paid for gaming 

11am How to become a YouTuber with Matt Estlea

12pm Entrepreneur Showcase

6pm How to make a difference in the World with Maddie Booth and Luke Netherclift

8pm How to become a YouTuber with Matt Estlea 


Thursday 11th November 

1pm How to start a business from school with Luke Mead

7pm How to start a business from school with Luke Mead

8pm Making money for creatives with Ella Quinn


Friday 12th November 

10am How to make money online

7pm How to make your own clothing brand with Alexei Hamblin


You can access our LIVE online events here: – keep an eye on our website for direct links. 

Interested? Book your space now!

A ydych chi dan 19 oed neu'n gweithio gyda phobl sydd?

Y mis Tachwedd hwn bydd Gwasanaeth leunctid Caerdydd yn gweithio gya The Rebel Business School er mwyn rhoi cynnig i bobl ifanc ar draws Caerdydd gael arbrofi gyda syniadau busnes.

What to Expect

Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to.

Over October, we’ll be sharing regular videos and resources to help you get started.

Then on November 8th, Think Like a Rebel week begins.
The Rebel Team will be running a series of live practical sessions across the city and help to get your ideas up and running.

We will help you with:

  • How to discover your passion
  • Tips on growing your online channels
  • Turn likes into cash
  • Getting sponsorship
  • The power of having a website
  • How to take online payment
  • What to do with the money when you make it
  • What does it take to run your own business?

Ella quinn

Rebel really helped me to find my own self-confidence and draw a path for myself.

I’m grateful for Rebel as it changed my view on the business world.

Daniel grosso

I’m making more money than I would at any graduate job, I’m my own boss and most importantly,

without a doubt much happier than I was working full time.

Female presenter talking to an audience

Who is the Rebel Business School?

Our trainers haven’t just “got a business degree”, they’ve started businesses, had successes, made mistakes, started again and have the scars to show for it.

Rebel Business School has been teaching a different way to build business since 2011 and have helped over 10,000 people from across the world 

Our honest and informal way of teaching uses practical and modern methods that create immediate results from hands-on action.

We’re making business possible for anyone willing to take the leap. 

The extraordinary belongs to those who create it.

Male presenter talking to an audience

How is this all possible?

We work with partners across the country so that we can give our training away for free.

Our partners have funded this event which enables us to give our training away to all making it the first truly accessible business support.

No one has EVER paid to attend a Rebel Business School anywhere in the world.
This means our sole effort is put into making sure that you get the results you need.


This project has been sponsored by the Cardiff Youth Service.

Are you working with 14-19 year olds in Cardiff and want to get your young people involved?

it's time to think like a rebel

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