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So at the end, we’ll have a little bit of time to maybe look at your your businesses and see how you should be using, like, you know how you should be thinking about funnels in your own business. Okay. And now I will be also showing you how I use funnels in my business showcase. Like, I don’t always use the same funnels as well, sometimes I change it a little bit, but it gives me an idea like, it’s Sorry, I’m Claire, is it possible for me to make you to give you hosting privileges just because whenever someone comes in, it kind of distracts me from like, continuing. Is that okay? Yeah, fine. Yeah. Brilliant. Thank you so much. Awesome. Can everybody see my screen? You can see. Okay, welcome everyone to today’s workshop monthly rebel workshop, and today we’re focusing on funnels. And I really do believe that, like, every business should be thinking about, you know, their, the funnel in their business, because it is part of strategy. And hopefully, by the end of this session, you’ll be able to have a deeper understanding of what funnels are, and how it can help you in your business. Like, get things like to have more clarity about, like, how you can get a customer from not knowing who you are, to the very end, which is like, oh, yeah, I totally want to buy something, or was it good? Buy services from them, or products, and so on. Hi, Gloria. Hi, Terry. Thank you for joining. So let’s get straight into it. These are the four areas that we’re going to be covering. So what is the sales funnel? Four Stages Of a sales funnel? I mean, why is important, and then at the end q&a. So just quickly read what the definition of a sales funnel is. So I’ll just read it out for you. A sales funnel is the marketing term for the journey. A potential it should say a potential costs no, sorry, potential customers go through on the way to purchase, right? So from the very beginning, from not knowing you all the way to, okay, want to buy something from her? So it’s important because, yes, it’s really cool to like, do different things in your business. But if you’re not aware of where your customers are finding you, like, what the journey is, what are the steps? And then looking at it and saying, Is there a way I can simplify? Is there a way I can make this step easier? Is this still working for me? How can I make like, simpler faster and so on? And the way to do it is like it comes in? I guess like at the very beginning of your business. Obviously you guys already been operating in your businesses now for a little bit. I don’t know how many years so if you can let me know in the chat, how long you’ve had your business? Let me know in the chat so that like I have an idea of how long you’ve been operating your business. So how interesting. Thanks. It’s updated now. Yeah. I’m like, read this final definition. And there’s no final definition. That’s awesome. So let’s move on to the part where I was talking about, is that, okay? So

when something works, so you say you had one time when someone has bought something from me, like, think about where that person, what did they do first, second, third, fourth, in order to work with you. And this could be an ideal client, get them on a call and ask them, How did you find me? So asking certain questions, how did you find out about me? What was the first thing you did? What did you consume? How did you find the buying process? What were the things that prevented you from like, wanting to buy, and even someone who’s never bought from you understand the experience that they going through if you have no idea is really, really important. Because I have been through a lot of processes, like funnels, where I’ve wanted to buy something from that person because they had what I wanted. But because of the like that, that funnel, didn’t allow me for some reason, I couldn’t find the information that I needed, for example, they had services, but I had no idea what those services entailed, like, the details of like, what they would be providing whatever it was it, there was like a stage where I decided, nope, this person is not for me, you need to consistently discover what it is for for for your customers. So that that sales funnel actually works for you. So that it keeps bringing you money into your business. And when you’re starting out, you’re not going to actually know like, you’re not actually going to know like, what works. So you’re going to have to try different funnels. And then when that one funnel starts to work, you start to refine it and make it better and tweak it and adjust it to the point where it brings you clients easily. Consistently and so on. Are you with me so far? Introducing the IDI EDA, I named it Aida five funnel stages. This is a little bit different to the one that rebel Business School teaches in the course because it is there are different types of funnels out there. There’s not just one specific type of funnel, so the funnel that I think it takes time to to adjust. So I’ll just wait next time. Have a cup of tea with each slide change. Alright, so the first one is the a write write this down. So I need to help me remember what these stages are. The first part, which is awareness, right? The person’s like, okay, like, I mean, you can guess but I’ll go into details after second is interest, then decision, then action? Take like 30 seconds to look at that and think about what do you think you need to do as a business owner. In each stage, try to guess like make a little bit of scribble the notes. The reason I always get my students to guess what the information might be is because it helps the brain process the information a lot better once you receive it. So you need to work that little bit extra harder so that when I do give you the information, it sticks there for longer

Right. Are you guys? Do you need a couple of more minutes or?

Good? Okay, I’ll give you one more minute. Right, let’s get back to it. Give me your answers. And you can unmute yourself and let me know what you’ve written for each stage

sorry, Halima, just just letting people in there. And so, I think like you said, the awareness, actually things like making sure there’s enough information, is it? You know, have you explained your service and your products? Have you given them the kind of detail that they need at that stage to to understand it? And obviously, the the interest is I guess it’s the it’s like, the, like, stage of the No, no, like, trust, isn’t it? So. So I’m struggling in terms of examples of things for for that. And then obviously, the decision is, as it says, you know, have they got the information that they need to make that decision, you know, whether that’s whether that’s cost or, you know, how to do the next stage, what the next stage is, and then obviously, action to to actually do it. So whether that is to click to make a purchase, or to, you know, contact somebody to speak about it, or to book something or, you know, whatever that stage is.

Thank you for sharing that Claire. It’s so nice to see your you’re like, the thinking patterns, where the customer journey is, it’s fascinating. Thank you for sharing that. Does anybody else want to share that what they’ve written down? Yeah. Thank you for like,

Okay. Well, for awareness, it’s leisure, innovation, and networking, then in interest is knowing you. So you’re building rapport, social chat, highlighting the benefits of what you do for them. And you moving on to decision the second section, she was building their desire, and making sure they trust you. And giving them enough details for them to make the correct decision. And make it easy for them to take the next action with a cyclic or Booko nothin, phone call, booking appointments, if you can do that automatically is better than the steps they have to do the better. That’s all I’ve got for now.

Thank you so much, Philip. That was great. Thank you. Okay, so let me give you the now your brains like I need to know, right? So that’s why it’s important to like, get you guys to like, you know, challenge yourself a little bit in every area before you seek help. So let’s talk about awareness section. So that awareness stage is social media, right? That’s the first thing is how do they basically find out about who you are? Like, it’s like when someone says, Hey, you should really check out this page. She talks about diet, and you look at her page That’s the first time you’re ever introduced to that person. That can happen in different ways. But social media is one of the ways that people can find out value. I think Phillip mentioned networking. Google page, when someone says I need to find a designer, or they I need a personal assistant, or I need someone to help me with SEO, whatever it is, they can, the first thing they’re going to do is go on Google, or search on social media, or ask their friends and family. Or like, YouTube, whatever it is. This is just basically what it means. It’s like you the introduction to you as a product or your services to that person, the initial start of the journey, right? So that’s, you have to think about in this state, like, how are you going to do that? Consistently? How are you going to find more people? How are we going to be in front of more and more people. And this is where PR comes in. This is where collaborations come in, with other people in your industry. And this is like, why I’m saying it’s important to think about the strategy of each stage of your business, right? So once then they’re like, Oh, I know this person. Then next stage is now they’re interested in what you have to offer. Right? So what I mean, Terry, in the previous stage is just for them to kind of know that you exist. So with answer the public is like, knowing what do they need, so they can create blogs, so that they can discover you. So it’s all about how do they discover you as a as a person. So net, let’s move on to the next part is interest. So now they’re like, Okay, I really like this person, but I’m not ready to buy it. But let me consume some of their content. And this is the stage where you’re either going to have a YouTube channel, a podcast, or a blog, that they can like consume content from. Now, some people will create content on social media. And that’s how they’re like create, like their content, like on Instagram or something, I don’t really encourage that, which is, it’s still good. But having something that’s solid, like a YouTube, a podcast, or blog, is super important. And thanks for turning on your camera, Patricia, it’s so nice to see your face. So this is when they’re like, oh, this person really knows what they’re talking about. And they like, and there’s a platform where it’s searchable. People can find your content over and over again, with social media, it does disappear. Your content has a very short lifespan, until they actually create something that makes it easier for people to find your content. For now, it’s like it doesn’t have a very long lifespan. So it’s important for you to have a place where you’re building consistent content, week by week, week by week so that people can binge watch all of your content. And I’ll tell you how my funnel works in that sense. And let’s move on to the next level, which is decision. So they’re like, Oh, I really like love her content. That’s when they’re like, You know what, I think I might want to work with her. Now, this might happen at any point, but we’re talking about like, usual way that people work is like, it comes in stage three. And how you do that is like I’ve got little pictures showing you.

So the first picture is showing you like they’ve got a triangle and a square and they’re comparing two products. For example, when I when I want to buy like a face product, I compare the to the price I compare if like one has a deal, if they have like some sort of gift, and so on. So in your business is like how do you make How do you help the person make the decision at this point? Do you give them 10% off? Do you make it an irresistible product that if they feel stupid not to buy and one of the books that I’ve recently read that can help you with this stage is one is it called $100 million offer by someone called, like last name, Rodriguez. But I found the book fascinating because it talks about how do you build like a package for the person that like they will absolutely. Like, it’s hard for them to say no. That’s what you’re looking for, for them to say, You know what, I would be stupid. If I said no to this person right now, I would be absolutely like, why would I ever say no? Right? So, for example, if you are a service, for example, let’s use Claire, at this point. You’re you’re providing personal assistant services, right? So when someone wants to work with you, they look at your package. How can you make it irresistible? How can you make it so that it’s like, that’s a no brainer? Like, absolutely, I have to work with her. Maybe you have, like a social media templates ready as a bonus, because someone’s like, Oh, I hate the fact that I don’t have that. Maybe you have like a template for accounting, maybe. Like, there’s like, so many things that are already made, right? You don’t have to make it more than once. The idea is like, you have something that you put together, that’s easy for them to start implementing. But it’s like, when you do sell something, you present that you present that you’re present that, but it took you like 1000s of hours or whatever to make, but you’re only making it once. But that’s one of the things that they’re like, Oh, but I can’t work with you. Because I actually need someone to have the templates ready, or I need ideas. And so you put them together as you listen to your customers. You’re like, Oh, do you know what would be amazing? If I did a Canva template for A, B, and C, and have that ready for Instagram, for example? Or ideas of what to post on social media? 100 different ideas. These are products that people sell for like, dollars, right? People actually have to pay money. But if you say to them, I have, I’m offering you a service. And this is how much it costs. And I have thought about every single thing that you could ever think about. And I have it ready. They’re just gonna look at you and say, Well, I don’t really have a choice, because if I don’t do this, I would be like a silly person at this point. So that’s why I love that with that book. $100 million offer. buy that book. It’s very cheap, very, very, very cheap on Kindle. It’s like around $1. And something. The guy wants to make sure that everybody has access to it. Thank you, Claire. It’s so cool. How much is it on Amazon?

It’s free on kindle a, a paperbacks about 19 pounds.

Yeah. So I mean, you want the information? You don’t want to get it printed? Because I think it comes from the US if I’m a believer. Yeah. So she put the link in the chat. So much. So do you guys. Are you kind of with me when it comes to like how I’m thinking right now? How do you make people make decisions, make irresistible offers? What are you doing that is just going to blow them away? That they’re like hell, like Yeah, I’m going to come. For example, I don’t go out often. I don’t enjoy going out all the time. Now. But one of my friends who’s my sister in law as well, she she knows how to make things irresistible for me. When when she’s asking me to go out. She says she’s like, don’t just ask her to go out. Just say, listen, we’re going to this place. And this is what’s gonna happen. And this is how much fun we’re gonna have. And these are the things that are gonna come out of that. And then I’m like, hoping my introvert like self on the side for the day will go out. And this happens almost everywhere. And I want you to practice it all the time. Don’t just invite someone out somewhere, give them an irresistible offer, say look like, you know, like, Patricia, you have your gallery where your art like, what can you give that what is the experience that you can provide? That just blows that person’s mind when you do that invitation? Right? So it’s like something that it’s like, sometimes you’re gonna have to like maybe even break even in your cost to get lots of people in to get them to like, know you at first but you’re not losing money, but you’re just caught cause Maybe they’re paying for a ticket, you’re covering the cost. And you’re like, using the money to provide something that’s out of this world. So, think of it like that. That’s how people make decisions. Because if you’re offering like, a bottle of water, and the next person’s like, Uncle flavoured water, you’re like, Oh, that’s a silly example. But no, I mean, if there is competition out there, you have to step out of your like, comfort zone. And like, think about what else can I offer? That person would just be like, Wow, this is amazing. And then you have the action part, right? And the action part is for once they’ve actually taken the action. How do you retain the customers? And this is where the rebel Business School was the Godfather funnel that they taught you? This is where it starts, right? How, what other products you have to offer? How do you educate them about other products that you have? How do you keep the engagement? How do you get them to buy again, and again, and again? How do you like it for Tescos? For example, they like before, they used to be like a Tesco card. And it was not really that great. Because at the end of the day, like I used to be like, why would I want a Tesco card. But now some products are like, severely discounted. And you’re like, I don’t have a card. So I went and what like a Tesco card so that I can get discounts on the so this is like ways to get people to buy more. Can you guys hear me? Yeah, I feel like I’m, I sound weird. It’s like, how do you get people is their loyalty scheme is there like every five hours you book in? You get this for free? Or if you go to this event, you get 10% for the next one. It’s like, like, how do you get them to pay more, because each customer, once you get them to buy something, and they enjoy your services, it’s so much easier to get them to buy more time. So thinking about all these ways to get your customer to be happy. Sometimes it’s just like a note where like, handwritten note that says thank you. And there’s like, you know, the handwritten stuff are just the best. Honestly, when you get that you’re, especially in the UK, it doesn’t cost that much. But this is a way to say thank you for your services, I really appreciate you going that little extra mile to personalise things and make them feel special, goes a long way to retain them and keeping them as long term customers, one of the things I’m doing is like giving them certificates every six months, that they stay in the so in my thing, they get a handwritten certificate that they can use. In the UK certificates are not that great. But for people abroad. Certificates are gold, they can show their employees that they’ve taken English classes. So I’ve started doing that.

So this is how I kind of like have my own funnel, right. So for the first part, that awareness is I collaborate with teachers. I have my websites on Google, I focus on SEO so that they can find me. Like I said, collaborations is like going live with someone doing a YouTube channel with a YouTube video with my water caught. My students will basically what they do is sometimes they’ll say, Oh, I just finished a class with Halima post on social media. I can repost it, their audience will see my content. This is how I build awareness. Also, podcasts on YouTube is a great way because they’re searchable. But podcasts or YouTube actually goes fits really well in interest. And one of my students recently that joined I asked that said, How did you know about me? She said, I have actually have no idea. Usually that awareness pop. They’re like, Oh, I found you on Instagram. So I was following someone it says, Do you want to follow this person too? And so what are you with collaborations when you tag people? And you’re like, I just collaborated with this person. Instagram says these two people are similar. And they’re, they’re working together. So if someone’s following that person, it will suggest you to them. It’s it’s an Instagram thing. But let’s go back to this. With initially what she said is she went on my podcast, and she watched the very first podcast all the way to the 20th podcast, and she absolutely loves my content. So binge watching watching usually happens at this point. and knows what they’re talking about. I also have YouTube, I’ve moved away from that, because I’m more like, I don’t really enjoy video as much. So, but podcasts is my, where I live now. So they create interest. And then they’re like, Oh, um, I would love to work with her. So she went on my website, and then booked a call. So she booked a call to talk to me about female Language Academy. That’s where asked her, Hey, how did you find me. And then when I told her about it, and I listened to the things she needed, I told her, it’s perfect for her straight after the call, she made a decision. And now she’s inside the schema language academy. Now, the way I help students make decisions, this is where like, launching happens. This is where like, I create events, Zoom events, where I invite everybody down, and I do some sort of training webinar bonuses, like I said, with the help them make decision to join the female Language Academy, then you have the action part where I focus very, very strongly on customer service, having communication with my customers, making sure the products that they’re consuming, like is of high quality. And also, because I have a membership, I consistently get money coming in every single month without trying to find customers. So this I found that the membership way was like, I provide products on a weekly basis. So they have to come back week after week, and I changed the topics. And so that helps me with my business have like reoccurring income. And in the future, I want to create products for people to try out. So that before they join the female Language Academy that’s it. So are there any questions or comments or things that we’re like, Ooh, I’m gonna start doing that in my business. Before I like, get someone to do an example that we can run through together.

It’s nice, actually, because I, I kind of did it to a point without actually realising the other day. So it’s nice actually to go over and go, Oh, yeah, that’s why I do what I did the other day. So I am doing it even though I don’t think I did. I am doing it.

So good. It is you’re doing really well, Claire, because I’m following you on Instagram. And I think the consistent content, and you’re always on top of mind. So like, I think you it’s nice to kind of be like, Yes, I’m doing the right thing. When it comes to like the funnel. So now it’s like about, like, does the funnel work? Do get customers out of it? What needs to be tweaked? What needs to be changed? Do you need to try something else? To see if anything changes? And if it works, sticking to that thing and refining it? Making it better?

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And actually, I think like, say, for me, it is just remembering to be aware of that. Obviously, I’ve taken in so much with what I’ve done with rebel Business School, now is the time to go back and just pick each bit at a time and go right this is where we’re at. This is what we need to look at this what we need to think about, this is what we need to move on. So that’s why the sessions are really useful as well to just keep revisiting things and go okay, I need to just have a bit of a focus now on that.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Thank you for sharing. Anybody else have comments or questions? Yeah, yeah. I do want to say thank you because he made me think about I said, but I always some, some classes started with frame and sometimes without frame so very uncomfortable, inconsistent and realise that the people who don’t buy the thing they are be disappointed because they wanted the frame so I think I probably have to be and also they won. They won like they say, Oh, I would love to have my art in my in my in my core place all my house winning products for the house. Because they asked me for some viewers. I have some here that are six metres long and two metres long, but of course and I show some photos and they love it but they cannot have a table. Yeah, but I like be able to think about the frame. I’m thinking about the frame first, you know, like, how can I make them a resistible offer is making the frame and the frame always including the frame, or not? Maybe not including in the frame. So it’s like, I remember there was one time when there was, I think in a cafe. So when the girl was like, putting lots of like, I think it was like, she ordered a dessert, she got an extra big piece. And the manager was like, I think it was in Nando’s, actually. Yeah, it was olives. Yeah. Okay, now, she was like, putting lots and lots of olives on for the person, because he was just running out. And he was like, Okay, let me just put the rest. And then she gave the olives to the person and the person was like, the manager stopped and said, Can you make please make her aware that this is not the usual that you’re doing something nice for her. Because the next time she comes back, and she doesn’t get that the extra honest, she’s gonna really upset, isn’t she? And that’s a really good thing. So when you do that the frame, maybe you want to do the frame on certain time. So when you’re like, more sales, and you’re like, if you buy during this time, you get the frame included in the price. And so then it gets people excited, because it’s like you’re giving them extra, but that’s not the usual. Does that? Yes. That’s good. Because I wanted to make it usual, but then sometimes to miss too much stress, you know, because then I thought, oh, my gosh, I just thought that I have to delete I have to do always. And that is not, it becomes like a big responsibility to me, you know, but, you know, having to do something every time all the time. Like, sometimes it’s good, you know? Yeah, and especially when you do something extra? Well, exactly. But making people aware, because you don’t want them to take it for granted. And the next time they’re like, where’s my frame? They know that again, yes. That it is a gift not everybody’s getting it. This is a specific time. It’s a special occasion. You’re doing it to like, you know, get more sales on your part. But you’re also providing that extra excitement extra offers when it comes to like, their buying experience. It just it feels really nice. When someone does that extra something, add something else to smaller, I guess like art to with the the bigger art that they’re buying? Or they get like 10% for the next piece. Something that they can beat. Yeah, yes. Yeah. Thank you so much. Because thinking about the resist resistible offer as well. Now it makes me think what else can I do? Yeah, how can I package something because after I have realised that people want different things, you know, they want for the house aggression, they want things I didn’t think before, you know, like I just thinking about setting my attendees, but then I realised that they want this and I’m thinking about that if somebody told me that they want the whiskey, you know, in the back? Well, you know, I think I can offer that person you know, so they give me an idea. But I had to think about them, you know, I have to think about what my just doing my own head like I think you know, I just want a piece of but actually I want to serve a brain but they don’t they want it also know the product. I don’t know. So this made me think yes, I need to brainstorm and thinking

how do I make it a better experience for them? Experience with with like buying art and stuff like that? Think about like if someone’s buying a gift as well like, how do you how do you make that experience even the next level in terms of like packaging, making it like the experience? Even the next level, like you know you personalising it putting the person’s name like writing a card, what will make that experience like that much better? When it comes to that person opening that box that they’re buying it for someone else having some sort of added feature like we package it for you, we wrap it for you. And yeah, we just come in here. And then they always give the girlfriend you know, like for Valentine’s thing and they realised that I have just worried about this hour but then i i like the details but because I’m so much you know, I don’t have the time to think about the rat nice paper, you know, like, this is extra that I have to plan in my head. But like, you know, like you say a nicer experience because they are present. So I could add to the person to receive it to make it better, you know, because some of these people, these are men, you know who asked me for that. Yeah, you know, they want something that is already done. If I can put it in, I never done anything of wrapping paper, but probably when I one person asked and say yes, put aside as I give it to him, he goes and give it to me He can do anything. Yeah, yeah, I was he was like, Oh my gosh, the horrible, you know, package, he just gave it to the graphic, you know, who might want something made me think, you know, because I noticed, like, my sister me, I said, Look, I, this is for a client, and they go, Oh, she’s gonna do this. So I can, you know, because they need help. And think I’ve had some, I’ve even thought about I just thought now. Oh, you know, so all the things that people are, that I needed. But now you doing this, this workshop that has been magnified, you know, you know, suddenly like thinking, oh, you know, it’s just all these experience they have about the client thing now, it’s like, they they’re popping out thinking, oh, you know, I could do this, and I could do that. But before it’s like, you know, I’m so worried about just finishing the work giving it to them. About periods, yeah. The whole thing very important, because very important, not the colour, the smell the the texture, but they wind up. I have two other things, you know, I have to think about the customer experience, which I didn’t thought about, you know, but thank you, thank you so much Halima. I actually, like to this week, like I have to like cut short because usually I’ll like keep going after an hour and by just looked at the time. And I have to be back to the social media that I’m teaching on the hurt the other on the other side,

so I need to get something to eat as well. Halima.

I’m trying to I’ve got like 10 minutes left. But thank you so much, guys for coming and sharing your insights. I hope that the you know the workshop was beneficial and I hope that it does make a difference in your business. I love love like teaching guys, the stuff that I know and hopefully makes a difference. Let me know keep me updated with what you’re doing with the workshops and what action are you taking? That means a lot to me. Because it shows me okay, it’s working or it’s not over provide something else. And Terry, thank you for joining us at 5am. That means quite a lot. But yeah, by Philip, Patricia, Claire and Terry. Bye, guys. Thank you so much for everything. Thanks.