Building a Retail Business Step by Step

Alan presents the final part of our three-part series of how to increase customers and footfall to your retail business. Filmed in on Location in Leeds City Centre during our Leeds Event.

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This is the third in our series of videos all about driving footfall to your business. So if you’re a shop with a physical location, or you have aspirations of having a store, a market store, some kind of physical location, these videos are for you to help you get customers into your store to generate more revenue. This week, we have five new ways to help you increase footfall and get people to your store. So we’re currently in the centre of Leeds creating this video because we’re here running a Popup Business School sponsored by Leeds City Council, Leeds bid, and Hammerson the owner of Victoria Leeds, number 11 is all about community, turn your customers into a community, bring them together, give them social connection, then they will continue to come back. Different shops do this in completely different ways. You’ve got game shops that bring together computer gamers to play together. And then they buy the product. From there. You’ve got shops like games workshop, where the people come in and they play the board games together. And they build a community of gamers that keeps them coming back to the fine. Hotel Chocolat does it with their tastes to clubs. And they look to build a community of people that are engaged in chocolate, how can you turn your customers into a community, whether it’s online with a Facebook group or an email list or something like that, for whether it’s offline where they physically come and spend time in your store? Or events, or activities? How can you turn your customers into a community to create a group to keep them coming back to your store? Number 12 is special events? Can you put on a special event for the customers that you want that will drag them into your store? book shops do this by having book signings. People have competitions, they have crashing shows their product launches, they do partnerships with other businesses to drag people in. Can you put on a special event that you can promote? send invites out to and drag people into your store. One suggestion is to look up what the National Days are. There’s pretty much a national day for everything. There’s the National Day for doughnuts, there’s the national Fashion Week, there’s all sorts of things going on. If you can tie what you’re doing into a national event, then you can spread the message even further and get people into your store. Number 13 is thinking a bit broader than just the local facility you’re in. Yes, you might have a shop that’s based in Leeds or in a particular town centre. But your customers might be coming from Weatherby Harrogate, Bradford, or other local areas. So think broader about your promotion, because people from the satellite towns around about you will come into your shopping centre to shop. What you have to do is get the message out to them to bring them to your location. So think slightly broader, about the different areas around you and how you can get those people to come in to your centre number 14 is all about working with the other retailers that are around you. If we work together, we’ll achieve far more than working in silos in our own shops. So can you do a clean people into your shop? Stop waiting for customers to show up and take control of your own footfall. If you do that, you will increase sales you will increase turnover and your increased profits. This is the last in our series of three videos showing you how to increase footfall and traffic to your business and increase sales. If you missed the first two. Find them on our YouTube channel. Hit subscribe and you get all the latest videos from the Popup Business School, helping you to grow your business and make money doing what you love.