Break your Goals Down

Rebel Business School presents their new Monday Motivation series where Co-Founder Alan Donegan gives you a new motivating tip to get you through the work week. This week, we discuss breaking big tasks into easy chunks.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Welcome to Monday morning motivation where we share with you tips, ideas, tricks to get yourself going. And today’s is all about breaking it down. You set a big goal, you want to achieve something big, you want to make lots of sales, you want to get your business going. Where do you start? And sometimes when it’s a really big thing you want to achieve, starting is the difficult part. So what you’ve got to do, the antidote to that is breaking it down into a list of achievable actions. So you know, you want to sell 10 of the items, you know, you want to land a big client, you know, you want to whatever it is you want to do. What’s the first small step? So can you break it down into a small list of items that you can actually do? People to email, phone calls to make things to do broken down. If you start out, I want to finish my entire website today. That’s going to be really challenging, if you break it down to okay, I want to do the contact page with a phone number and a map. And then I want to add the texts to the homepage. And then I want to add a PayPal button and you break it down to small, achievable steps that you do one at a time. That’s the key to getting things done. So break things down into small steps and start now.