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Bernada Castillo

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Bernada Castillo

Bernada is a Colombian woman living in the UK who started a business after she found herself isolated and struggling to cope after being diagnosed with cancer in 2019. She underwent treatment and surgery but didn’t have the chance to process her emotions before the pandemic hit and further isolated her at home.

Looking for a creative outlet, Bernada discovered the Japanese crochet technique of Amigurumi and began making small, knitted creatures. She shared her creations on Instagram but struggled to turn her hobby into a successful business. She tried opening an Etsy shop but didn’t make many sales. 

Determined to improve her business, Bernada attended a four-day training course at Southgate Barnet’s SE College. Though she wasn’t looking for a traditional job due to mobility issues, she saw the course as a chance to get out of the house and face her fears. During the course, she met a teacher who encouraged her to pursue her Amigurumi business.

Feeling empowered, Bernada continued to explore ways to grow her business. She even attempted to create a website but didn’t get far. However, she found hope when she discovered Rebel Business School, a business training for start-up entrepreneurs that do things rebelliously. She enrolled in their program and received the support and guidance she needed to take her business to the next level.

One of the biggest challenges for Bernada was figuring out how to market her business and attract more customers. With the help of Rebel Business School, she learned how to create an effective social media strategy and engage with her audience. She also gained the confidence to start approaching local businesses and craft fairs to sell her creations.

Thanks to the support of Rebel Business School, Bernada’s business has seen significant growth. She now has a steady stream of customers and has even expanded her product line to include custom-made Amigurumi toys. Bernada is thrilled with the progress she’s made and is grateful for the community of supportive and inspiring Rebel alumni.

Through her journey, Bernada learned the importance of recognizing her own talents and not being afraid to pursue her passions.