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5 year impact study on the London Borough of Barnet.

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Top-line Impact


running to date


annual contribution
to Barnet economy

£22 annual return
per every £1 invested

The number one question people ask us is “how many start-ups thatyou support, survive long term?” We wanted to know the answer so afterrunning five workshops over five years in Barnet, we returned to conducted a study to find out. This report contains the results of that five year study.

Business has changed. The world has changed. Enterprise education must change with it.

0 %

of businesses now trading were unemployed at time of attending

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Executive summary

The Rebel Business School has delivered five impactful business start-up training programmes across the London Borough of Barnet, over a five-year period.

These two-week training courses were aimed at budding entrepreneurs, new business owners, established businesses and even those who haven’t thought about becoming self-employed.


people saw increase in


attendees had NEVER RUN A BUSINESS


attendees were UNEMPLOYED


attendees from BAME COMMUNITY

The Report Covers

COVID-19 impact


Case Studies

Project by numbers

Project timeline

Where did people come from?

Attendee demographics

Business breakdown


Female | 73%

Male | 26%

Other | 1%


16 - 25 | 9%

36 - 39 | 34%

40 - 49 | 30%

50 - 59 | 22%


aSIAN / Asian British | 14%

Black / African / Caribbean / Black British | 31%

Mixed / Multiple Ethnic Groups | 8%

White | 35%

Other | 12%

Attendee demographics

Comparison of attendees and the Barnet demographic

Using census data we have been able to compare the demographic breakdown of our courses to that of the London Borough of Barnet. Our aim is to make entrepreneurship accessible to all and to know if we are achieving this we need to know who is accessing our services. We want to make sure we are reaching the entire community, disadvantaged parts, under represented groups and more. Entrepreneurship should be a tool that is available to all.

Employment status change

We have analysed attendees’ change in employment status from prior to attending Rebel to their status today.

Annual economic impact

Cost comparison

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