Advice from a Business Psychologist

Check out this series of blog posts from ​Business Psychologist and Coach, Charlotte Sheridan. 

Learn how to adjust your thinking and mindset to make your business a success. 


If you are setting up your own business, it’s likely that you will face challenges on the way. Learn to create a Virtual Board of Directors to keep your business fighting fit.

Setting up or running a business is hard work. If you’ve done it already you’ll know. How do you manage that negative voice in your head? Read this article to find out how.

Most businesses don’t make it. One thing that can impact whether or not a business is pacing. Learn how to manage your energy and motivation to avoid burnout,

Charlotte Sheridan

Charlotte Sheridan is a Business Psychologist and Coach. She’s also been through the highs and lows of setting up several businesses. Click here to find out more about her project where she interviewed 100 people changing their career or becoming entrepreneurs.