Adding a New Page to your Website

We continue our website Wednesday series with advice and tips of how to add pages to your website and what pages work best to find customers.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Hey, welcome back. This is episode four of website Wednesdays. It’s how to add a page to your website. And back in the website, Wednesday’s website for the moment, we just have a homepage with loads of random stuff down it. So let’s get on that. And let’s, let’s add another page. So I’m on our website, Wednesday’s page where we’ve got all of our content, you’ve got everything on there, we still only have the homepage. It’s cool, it’s quite neat, it’s quite tidy, still got a picture of Simon’s got much of Alan’s got picture of me and Jack grey and a giraffe. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to add some of the important pages. So the things that we want to have on there is a couple of different types of pages. And I’m going to show you a couple of so we go into the Weebly builder. The first step you need to go up to the top tab, you need to click on pages, you see this button up at the top, you click on that, it gives you the list of all the website pages that you’ve actually got. So at the moment, we just have the homepage, we wanted to add a Contact page, for example, we go to the little plus at the top corner, gives us a few different options. We’ve got a standard page, blog page, store, page, external non clickable standard page is what we want. I’ll go through some of the other options in a minute. Standard Page, we might call that the contact page. Once this has started loading. So this is the contact page. We don’t want to have a header necessarily, again, this is your website, you can play as much as you want with it, we don’t want to hurt because I’m boring. And then you just click done, you need to click done at the top, otherwise, it won’t save what you just did. So you can see it’s added the contact page here and the list is also added it up there we’ve created another page, we need to put some content in, you need to go back to the Build tab at the top, which is this one up here, there’s hundreds of things that you could do on here, you might want to drag a map in there might have a title, this is all of the design a bit that you can have a play with. And you can design stuff. Usually what I would do with the contact page is I have a way for them to get in touch, figure out where you are. And also tell them a little bit about what you want them to do. I’ll add some of this content in later. But you can sort of see it’s taking shape. That’s how you add another standard page, you can do the same process for an about page or services page, I’m going to show you some of the other cool stuff you can do with the pages. So if we added another one, say we wanted to add, so we wanted to add a button for website Wednesdays that goes straight over to the series where they can watch it. So that would be a link straight to YouTube. Essentially, if we add some an external page, external page essentially means we can add a button at the top in the top menu over here. But when they click on it, it will take them to another website, you just click on the external page, change the name of it, watch the series, and then we’ll change the link to forward slash pop up business. A cool thing that you can do is you can actually rearrange pages. So you can see up the top here, it’s got home contact, what’s the series normally on a website, contact page is the last page on the menu items. homepage is the first. So that’s usually something that I quite like to follow. So I’ll drag you can click and drag click and drag the three dots at the side there just like the rest of website, click and drag, drop it there where you want it to be. It will reorder the pages as you can see up here really nicely. We click Publish back onto the website, hit refresh and then you’ll see straightaway at the top we’ve already got three pages there and you click on watch the series. It’ll take us away from this straight to the YouTube channel. Pretty cool. The other pages that you can add on Weebly, our blog pages which are great if you want to write articles and all that kind of stuff. There’s also the store page now Weebly do have a an online store function if you’ve got a physical product that you want to sell the free version isn’t great, sorry, Weebly. If you watch this, it’s only really valuable if you’re paying for the top version of Weebly, which is about 20 Some 20 pounds a month. I don’t use it personally, I don’t get on with it. It’s got some cool features personal preference, but the free version isn’t great. That’s why we show you the PayPal buttons and stuff. So you can actually have a workaround still make money through your free website. A normal website always has a homepage and about page and a contact page. People want to know a rough overview of your your what your business is, which is the homepage. the about page is about you because you’re the business owner, it’s your the business. Without you the business doesn’t work the about page primarily about you and the other team and about bit about your mission and your goal. Contact page. Let them get in touch with you. That’s pretty much it. That’s how you add a page. There’s a couple of different page items in there. Happy days. That’s all you need to know. Let us know how we’re getting on. We want to hear from you. What are your questions? What are your burning questions with your website? What barriers are you hitting? What do you overcome? What do you need me to go through on my laptop and show you how to do step by step? Because we’ll make those videos for you. We’ll upload it and we’ll let you know when they’re up. But until then, have a good week. I’ll see you next Wednesday.